I have a 13 drawer mac tools tool box that is red in color with the Chrome Mac Tools Racing logo on the bottom right side drawer. Tool box cannot be shipped due to size, we will have to arrange to meet within a reasonable distance or it will have to be picked up! The slash that they run at the local track is all stock, so i would be looking for a stock slash some batteries and a good charger as far as a slash goes.
Mac Tools has announced a new laptop-friendly Macsimizer tool box, model MB7432, which features a push-to-open laptop storage drawer, 2 built-in 110V power outlets, a USB connection, and RJ45 ethernet internet jack. The PowerTech cordless tool charging drawer sounds like a great idea, and so does the push-to-open laptop drawer.

MSRP may vary depending on options (color, etc), but we’ll try to find a rough estimate.
I would put a top box on this guy and leave it in place, that’s why it has the laptop drawer instead of the top part used like mentioned above. Having a box this size specifically for portability can have advantages sure, but if you are specifically going to move, use the laptop, be charging cordless tools (also unlikely in a shop where this would be moving, probably mostly air tools there) you probably aren’t in a shop that has room for big boxes to be moving all over the place. The only thing that I wish my MAC rep would have told me the weight capacity for the drawers. I wouldn’t love that default drawer configuration myself, but their customization options are great.

As for the internet jack I just have a wifi repeater and tuck it into the hole where the wires go in the back.

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