Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch. Delta 36 725 table saw review - Edit: this review was edited to add a link to a my blog on how to easily and safely align the blade. Larry wrote in, asking for our opinion on the Jet JBTS-10MJS 10-inch jobsite table saw for home workshop use. For home use, our attention moves towards the Craftsman 21833, which is normally priced at $650. We don’t ordinarily like to talk about one brand or product when asked about another, but in this case it seemed fitting. The Rigid R4512 is made by the same company (Dayton) as the Craftsman 21833 and is almost an identical saw – the big differences are cosmetic (my Rigid is orange). Home Depot will put the R4512 on sale for $499 and some stores will take a Harbor Freight 10% off coupon. It looks like there are a couple of noticeable differences in fence design, but perhaps not enough where one is better than the other. The spreader bar on the RIDGID is different and allows the addition of another extension wing. I understand price matching for the same product offered somewhere else, but I call shenanigans on this.
Many HD stores will accept the Harbor Freight 20% off coupon because HF stores also sell power tools.

A while back I was told at a local store (I don’t remember if it was HD or Lowes) that they only accepted mailed or personalized coupons due to widespread use of fraudulent ones printed from the web.
As far as their accepting of HF coupons, it depends on whether Lowes and HD managers view them as a competitor. As an average-to-advanced hobby woodworker, I agree that jobsite saw are generally best left to the jobsite.
So, extreme space shortage is the only time I’d recommend a jobsite saw for home use.
The Bosch GTS1031 is exceptionally compact for small work spaces since it can be stored on its side as shown in the last photo of my review of it. The Craftsman and Ridgid saws are mobile, so they can be moved around a workshop or garage. I did a search for the Craftsman 21833 and it showed up as $470 on sale, which makes it a more compelling purchase, except that it appears to be (again, I’m going by the website specs) a direct-drive saw.
If space is really tight, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth the time to build a really tricked-out multipurpose enclosure for a smaller saw. Craftsman also has a more expensive jobsite saw (part number 21829) which looks similar, but the housing is metal, not plastic.
The Porter Cable saw supposedly works great, but reviewers complain that the inner gears are made of plastic and are cheap, and that replacement parts for the saw are almost impossible to obtain because the thing is made by some Taiwanese company for Porter-Cable. What I ended up doing was buying a brand new in the box Craftsman table saw from 1995 on Craigslist which had literally been left sitting in the back of the seller’s garage for 15+ years.

If you’re patient the saw sometimes goes on sale for as low as $580 with Craftsman Club discount.
I did have the chance to briefly use one about a year and a half ago, and it seemed to be a good option in the $500-$1000 price range.
The Ridgid looks to be $529 regularly priced, which seems pretty darn good if the internals are the same as the Craftsman. It can be said that since HF does not sell the same products they are not a true competitor.
But since the reader was asking about a large contractor saw, I figured that they were open to the idea of a less portable saw with a similar footprint.
The downside is that it does require a separate stand or mounting location, while folding saws are moved into place and ready to go a lot quicker. For finer fixed-location woodworking, as opposed to construction needs, jobsite saws are generally not the best option.
Space savings, fully assembled on the cart, mine was aligned just fine, and the lifetime warranty all factored in.

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