To experience the improved power, performance and reliability of the new Kobalt power tools, Lowe’s sent us a Kobalt 4-Tool 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit to try out for ourselves.
Kobalt 20V Max tools are backed with a 5-year no-hassle tool guarantee, and the batteries are backed with a 3-year guarantee.
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Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. When Kobalt Tools got into the lithium-ion cordless power tool business back in 2011, I initially raised my eyebrows.
As I mentioned earlier, we reviewed Kobalt’s latest 18V 4-tool combo kit and it includes tools very similar to what is in the current kit with the exceptions noted above.
Going through each tool one by one seemed like the next best thing to do in a review like this. One of the things I immediately noticed about this drill was that Kobalt had upgraded the chuck.
An LED, which is trigger-activated (and still does not stay on after you let go of the trigger), sits just under the clutch and does a decent job of lighting up the work area. I couldn’t determine any real significant differences in the 20V LED work light provided in this kit. With this new kit you’re paying $300 for the latest battery technology and three great tools (plus an LED work light) that will be warrantied for 5 years.
When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. Having a reciprocating saw is nice, but I would like to see a kit with a circular saw as I think that would get used more.
I definitely like the new layout and rating system… But it seems pretty arbitrary to me unless you clearly distinguish the rating system (itself) on tools for pros versus tools for homeowners. The 5 kit 20 Volt tools are much better than the tools in say the drill driver 2 piece kit (although the latter are very good in their own right for the price).
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The NASCAR Sprint Cup season gets started Sunday with the 57th Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Dewalt has been a little slow in expanding their 20V Max cordless power tool lineup, but new designs have been steadily coming down the pipeline.
Dewalt might very well plan to release a brushless design in the future, but for the time being, no such plans are evident.
If Dewalt is working on a brushless corded saw, it will be an upgrade or replacement for the standard-geometry DCS380.
Dewalt’s DWE357 corded saw is a solid performer, and is every bit as compact, ergonomic, and nicely balanced as I anticipated prior to seeing it in action a while back.
If you’re looking for something even more compact, but with a tradeoff between cutting performance and size, you might want to consider the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall (prices via Home Depot). I have the DWE357 corded saw with this form factor, and I like how it gets into tight spaces.

Just curious because I’d never heard that before, do you have any more information regarding the physical aspect of brushed being more durable? Who has the guts to engineer a folded motor (parallel) to the blade mechanism like a tortilla? Last year we all loved the Double Drive from KOBALT, we even did a test and proved that it is really twice as fast as a regular ratcheting screwdriver. The Double Drive makes a perfect gift for Dad any time of the year and with a lifetime warranty, will last a lifetime. If you’ve ever had a cordless power tool start slowing down when the battery runs low, you’ll certainly appreciate this handy feature!
The charger also has an LCD display that shows how much time remains until the battery is fully charged, as well as how much battery life is left. I was curious, and they made a rather grand entrance, with end cap displays all over Lowe’s and tons of fanfare and media attention. And, aside from this one change, the other primary visible components of the drill remain the same, from the LED light to the textured grip on the handle (which, again, are oddly reminiscent of Ridgid’s Hex Grip system). You do get a dramatic shadow at and above the point of contact due to the presence of the chuck, but I didn’t have any problems finding my fasteners or holes. The Kobalt has plenty of power, though it does tend to wind down a bit as the lags get closer to bottoming out in the wood. First off, the 18V model was the fourth-highest ranked in our torque tests when we did our infamous 18V Cordless Li-ion Impact Driver Round Up.
It doesn’t look much different than the former charger we reviewed a couple years ago, but it does bear one very significant change.
I know you are very clear in your article, but if kobalt is all 90s… what is a dewalt, hilti, etc?
I went in wanting to want the Ryobi but the Kobalt 5 piece combo methodically won me over and as a bonus will hopefully keep me just under the dog house radar when the family boss opens the Visa bill net month ! The newest 20V Max tool is a compact cordless reciprocating saw, DCS387, which resembles the DWE357 compact corded saw that came out nearly three years ago.
Dewalt says that, in addition to the saw being able to fit into tighter areas, the new compact reciprocating saw offers better control than the DCS380 and other traditionally styled reciprocating saws. As it is, the new compact reciprocating saw design offers advantages over other saws in certain areas, such as fitting into tight work areas and corners. A different of 2.5 inches might not seem like much on paper, but it does change how the tool is held and used. I have no doubts that the DCS387 will provide similar advantages, except it’s powered by a Li-ion battery pack instead of AC power.
When I got my hands on their tools, my eyebrows raised even further — this time in amazement. That means they use the new larger-capacity cells that give you more juice without taking up any extra space or weight.
While we’re not big fans of NiCd batteries, at this price the kit is almost disposable.
Most of the tools have had slight tweaks in their specs, leading us to think Kobalt did more than just slap a new label on the tools, but none of the changes are as significant as the battery upgrade or the impact driver insertion.
Kobalt also seems to have lessened the dramatic angle of the tool this go-around, reducing the tilt so that the 20V drill is a bit more parallel to the surface when you stand it up on the battery. The spec on this drill says 455 in-lbs of torque, which is a reasonable, but not class-leading amount of power for a drill of this size.

On its own, this driver costs $149—not bad given the fact that it comes with a 2.0 Ah battery.
At this price, however, Kobalt is pricing itself to incur more competition from manufacturers like Porter-Cable and Ryobi, who offer their own kits in various configurations. Just want to throw in a rep for the design, which I thought was weird at first, but has grown on me.
Run-time was stellar and these inexpensive tools were doing very well in the general tasks for which they were made.
For $239, this was the bargain kit to grab, but unfortunately it is no longer available on Lowe’s website.
The clutch control remains simple to operate, the 2-speed gear switch flipped back and forth easily enough with my thumb, and I found the drill to be comfortable to use—the balance is near-perfect. On the bench it came reasonably close to spec, around 435 in-lbs, or within 5% of the manufacturer’s stated number. Now, with the maximum speed goosed up slightly to 2500 rpm and the torque upped to 1,550 in-lbs, this tool is even more suited for getting the job done.
The saw is still pretty rough during use, and there’s not a lot of attention spent on vibration reduction—save for the rubberized overmold. We used the 20V drill driver to drill several holes in 2×4 material to run CAT6 cabling and found that it had only dropped a single bar. The difference is, unlike manufacturers like Porter-Cable, the Kobalt 4 Tool combo kit offers 4.0 Ah battery life and power. He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions. Those who still want a cordless circular saw can pick up the old K18NC-06AB (tool-only) for around $60. Popping the 2.0 Ah on the charger, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it would only take 11 minutes to top off the battery. I liked the tools more than the Ryobi and as well as much more expensive kits the cost double the Kobalt.
I figured the best way to go over the new tools was to get my hands on the Kobalt 4 Tool Combo Kit. The only caveat is that it’s quickly going out of stock, making us wonder if Kobalt is readying a 20V replacement.
We also lamented the fact that you used to only be able pick up this tool by itself (without a battery or charger). This is a huge upgrade from the former charger, which seemed to always require a full recharge cycle. This kit with a 5 year hardware (upgradable to 7 years) & 3 year battery warranty (also upgradeable) is all I will ever need and with plenty of room to grow.
It had all the new tools and it also included the new batteries (one of each type) as well as a universal charger. Now, Kobalt has created a 20V kit option, so you can pick up this impact driver for your favorite dad, uncle, or grandfather—this is one present you won’t see getting returned!
Hopefully, by the end of the review, you’ll know whether or not you want to get the new batteries, grab a new tool or two, or upgrade the whole kit.

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