Klein profilated screwdrivers give these tools the same tip quality as Phillips head screwdrivers, allowing them to fit in most types of screws. With an oversized handle 35 percent larger than those found on many other screwdrivers, the Klein Tools P18 allows for an easier grip to get the job done. Made with a cushion-grip black and yellow handle for comfort, the Klein Tools 603-10 profilated screwdriver includes a number 2 tip size that avoids slippage when trying to drive a screw in or out of an object. Small, compact, and easy to carry around, the Klein Tools 603-4 features a 4-inch shaft made for jobs with smaller screws. Made with an easy grip black handle that does not irritate the skin, the Klein Tools 19445 profilated screwdriver features a compact body suited best for small screw driving jobs. How to Buy You can find the right profilated Klein Tools screwdriver to suit your needs using the Search bar on any eBay page. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Get started and list your domain name for sale on Netfleet, and you could be receiving offers today straight from this page. When people need a screwdriver for carpentry or general home purposes, a profilated or Phillips head screwdriver is what they reach for first. It also performs with 50 percent more power than the average screwdriver and works well for tough, heavy-duty carpentry and construction jobs. The chrome plating on the shaft helps this screwdriver resist corrosion, while also offering a smooth and durable feel.

This profilated screwdriver features a handle 35 percent larger than most of its counterparts, allowing the user added grip and 50 percent more strength when using it. With a triangular-shaped handle, this screwdriver offers added turning power, helping people get the job done with added speed. Decide which screwdriver works best for you or purchase several so you always have different ones on hand. When your new screwdriver arrives, place it with your workbench, toolbelt, or toolbox for storage.
Flat head screwdrivers work for some items like battery cases that need opening, but most building projects use screws with more complicated grooves. Using Klein's Comfordome technology, the screwdriver does not cause discomfort to the hands during use. The flanges inside the handle of this screwdriver help offer a twist-resistant blade anchor that does not strip screws.
Internal flanges in the shaft located under the handle offer a better grip on the screw that helps prevent slippage and screw stripping.
A rounded top eliminates pressure on the palm, making this screwdriver ideal for people with hand difficulties. Use it when needed knowing you made the ideal purchasing choice by learning its attributes ahead of time.
The 8-inch chrome-plated shaft prevents corrosion, while the polished blades at the tip feature chrome and nickel plating.

The screwdriver also features the exclusive Tip Indent technology, so owners can quickly identify the type and tip orientation. The 4-inch shaft on the Klein Tools BD122 contains a smooth chrome plating that extends the tool's life by helping prevent rust and corrosion. The precision-machined tip fits into screw with ease, while preventing slippage and stripping.
This profilated screwdriver includes a number 1 sized tip and measures 11.5 inches from top to bottom. This screwdriver features a 10-inch shaft and measures about 14 inches from top handle to tip.
With a chrome-plated and heat-treated shaft, the Klein Tools 603-4 does not corrode easily, giving it a long lifespan. This small screwdriver measures 3.12 inches on the shaft and nearly 7 inches from top to bottom.

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