Powerful 6.6 amp variable speed motor generates up to 3,000 RPM and 48,000 beats per minute.
Alltrade, makers of the Kawasaki cordless drills sold at Costco, has recalled about 45,000 units due to defective (or poorly designed) switches. If you have one of these drills, check out the CPSC alert to see if its serial number is included by the recall.
Most people are aware that voltage ratings and general performance have little relationship.
I think what you mean is that not all 18v motors will produce the same torque or driving power, not all 19.2v motors will produce the same results either. In my experience (although not with tools), Costco has one of the most lenient return policies I’ve ever seen.
After reading that this product was made in PRC, this doesn’t surprise me that this unit has issues, this time safety issues. I’d rather deal with Sears or Home Depot, than to be stuck with no way to remedy a problem with this junk. I’d rather deal with Sears or Home Depot, than to be stuck with no way to remedy a problem with this junk.

Either way that’s a moot point since the Kawasaki sold by Costco is not warranted or serviced by Costco.
In buying a name brand tool that (in the context of cordless tools, where the batteries area major component of the price you pay) you know will expand their line and give you more value with each new tool, vs a brand that offers one or only a few tools for their system.
I agree that Craftsman and Ryobi cordless drills are not that great, but it’s no surprise given the coo.
As for battery packs, instead of buying new battery packs, all you need to do is simply replace the cells inside the pack. So strike against Kawasaki (for building a drill that last 5 minutes) and Farm & Fleet for losing a customer over a $50 drill. Byron, did yours oveheat or just fail, I would be very interested in seeing it and speaking with you if it overheated. Mine just gave a pop and started to smoke and got pretty warm after a full charge I managed to get 5 screws in ! The triggers can short out, heating things up to the point where the tools can pose a burn hazard. Users affected by this should stop using the drill immediately and contact Alltrade to receive a free replacement.

When comparing ANY other similarly priced tools, forget about Ryobi and Craftsman, I’d rather deal with certain retailers than to be left out to dry with this.
It sits on a shelf most of its life as a light duty home use drill it has had a baby’s life and is dead now just googled it now and find a major recall on it as its a 691761 guess il keep my fingers crossed and c if I send it out and wait for a replacement or go buy from a different manufacturer did anyone notice the serial number space in white where there should be a number is just a white strip with no number ?? To say that the other players, DeWalt, Bosch, etc, are better, is clear to anyone who ever picked up a power tool. In spite of the fact that I see the Kawasaki on a lower level than the other two, that’s not my point. With the Kawasaki, you’d be pretty much between a rock and a hard place with service after the sale.

Regarding power tool safety osha is especially strict about the proper use of
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