Their open source project to loot their end users has failed, leastways that's what they stated as an excuse for abandoning the project after collecting a nice amount of money which has just disappeared after all.
Modern computing as well as new Windows systems and registry will not accept this old school cleaning and tune up softpack, it only causes damage. To perform tune up by system cleaning, to fix system and registry errors please run proper analysis, contact technical support or visit Microsoft FixIt site that provides system repair patches for many different problems that will restore the damaged registry keys and errors to the original Windows settings without deleting or modifying any other values.
I'm surprised to see a new version of this released, given all the comments on the Macecraft forum and elsewhere that complained about the company founder absconding to the far east with money given to take the product open source. Con dichas herramientas puedes controlar el sistema de archivos de PC, gestionar la instalacion o desinstalacion de software y limpiar el Registro de Windows de entradas obsoletas, buscar archivos duplicados, temporales, de tamano cero o accesos directos no validos.

Respecto a la red local, con jv16 PowerTools puedes controlar maquinas remotas, ejecutar aplicaciones en las mismas, enviar mensajes, administrar tareas, etc.
El programa tiene una interfaz muy sencilla desde la que puedes seleccionar todas las utilidades y configurarlo de acuerdo con tus necesidades y preferencias. Until now your computer might have been the one who is in charge, but with it you can take the control.
Zawiera rowniez narzedzia umozliwiajace kasowanie z dysku twardego niepotrzebnych plikow (tymczasowych, powtarzajacych sie itp.) oraz kontroluje, ktore programy uruchamiaja sie podczas startowania systemu. Aplikacja posiada narzedzia: Clean and Fix My Computer, Uninstall Software and Leftovers, Control Which Programs Start Automatically, Speed up My Computer’s Startup, Immunize My Computer oraz Decrap My Computer.

It contains all the tools needed for monitoring and cleaning the Registry and the file system.

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