Thanks to the unspeakably evil termites, we needed to buy some nice sized timber and have the corbels custom cut at our local lumber yard. I used a screwdriver to gently and temporarily remove the blade guardStep one was to copy the corbel curve from an old piece the termites only ate half the insides of. Sawdust is flying!Once I had the profile traced, I locked the timber into my trusty Jawhorse and prepared put the Bosch long jigsaw blades in action. The blade did suffer some wear from the blade guidesThe extra width on the blades (which contributes to their strength and rigidity) also means you’re not going to be cutting ultra-tight radius curves. Amazingly, several minutes and a fair bit of sawdust later, I appeared to have two decent looking corbels. Shopping info Safe shopping with Clas Ohlson - top notch security Feel safe: all credit card information is encrypted with Extended Validation SSL Certificate, capable of up to 256-bit encryption. We are proud of our products and it is very important that you, as a customer, are happy with the service and products we provide.This is why we have a 2 year guarantee on most of our products and on specific products we leave a 25 year guarantee.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, or have changed your mind, we offer a up to 90 day refund policy from the date of purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Bosch T101B Jigsaw Blades 2608630030 clean cutting softwood blades designed for 3mm to 30mm softwood, wood core plywood, chipboard and fibre boards plus plastics and epoxy.
Like most projects around our old home, what started looking manageable quickly spiraled into more work and, of course, more expense. I traced the profile to a scrap piece of cardboard, which I then carefully cut along the lines of the profile.

One thing I immediately noticed with the blades (aside from their extreme length) is that they were surprisingly rigid thanks to an extra thick kerf. I made up for that by starting my cuts from multiple locations on the outside of the piece and essentially carving some space for the blade to pivot.
Disclaimer – please do not use Bosch precision extra-long jigsaw blades for the sawing of bunnies or turtles.
Covering all things home, multimedia, electrical, leisure and hardware, we have 1000s of ways to help you solve everyday practical problems. Telephone conversations with the staff before purchase, and after, were done in a very helpful, and polite manner. The driver was very well packed and was delivered very quickly, even though on the webpage it said up to 3 days for delivery, I got my tool next day. As the roofer pulled up the old roof tile on one section of the roof, he discovered our friendly neighborhood termites had devoured all but the paint on our custom cut roof corbels.
A few weeks ago, I got the silly idea to mimik the look of our larger roof corbels with a slightly smaller variation for some decorative garage trim. From there, I held the cardboard template to the beam and traced the profile back to the wood. We have the wood blades linked there, and will add the metal versions once we get a link for those as well.
Keep a look out for our guarantee-logo next to your chosen product to see what guarantee package it has. Bosch recently released their Precision line of extra long 10 inch jigsaw blades and we found ourselves wondering whether they had much practical use, particularly for doing what you often do with jigsaws; cutting curves.

Rather than pay our lumber yard or use a tool actually designed for this, I thought I’d take the Bosch extra long jigsaw blades for a spin. Using the cardboard allowed me to fine-tune the curves and was easier to work with on multiple pieces than the half-eaten sample corbel I had.
If these blades were as flexible as a typical scroll blade, the blade on a thick cut would be more bendy than a Russian contortionist. Our guarantee means that the product is expected to work just like we have described it during the time of guarantee we have promised (This in addition to the rights under consumer purchasing). With our curiosity piqued, we asked Bosch if they could send a few blades our way to review.
To be honest, I thought they’d fail pretty miserably, mainly due to blade deflection.
We were pretty sure they could cut a thick piece of wood straight, so we set out to test these with curvaceous cuts that would have been a challenge even with a portable bandsaw. Seuss-Renaissance look on these corbels, I still had some hope these blades might actually make a somewhat vertical cut. In addition to the the wood blade we tested, there’s also a metal devouring blade that can munch right through a sandwich of light metal.
We usually deliver within 2-3 business days (Next day delivery is also available for an additional cost).

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