Since Lowe’s gave us an excuse to dive deeper and explore the world of home makeovers, remods, etc ~ we decided to kick it off by exploring the designer side of power tools! There is something of a love affair between power tools and good design, a relationship that even links them to the arts and even culinary arts.
Design process sketches by Zach Hastings of a handheld vacuum to fit within a line of power-tools. TEAMS Design is the first design studio that comes to mind when one thinks about industrial design studios and their strong relation to power tools. The Bosch PFS 65 fine spray system enables surfaces both inside and outside of the home to be improved with comfort and ease.
The Isio 2 shrub shear is a garden tool, which makes it easy to create little green works of art and well-trimmed lawn edges. The best industrial design studios and brands’ internal studios are always looking for new ways to innovate and make our lives a little easier. Sanding plaster is messy and the next you have to do it you have to think of the Vario-Giraffe wall and ceiling sander by German brand FLEX.
At Carolina Cupcakery in Chesapeake, Virginia the kitchen is stocked with all of the baking essentials - cake pans, fresh ingredients and of course, power drills. Mud Mixers & Mashers come in different shapes and materials to mix cast components, epoxy resins or beat eggs, like this selection from Bon Tool. And on the cleaning side of power tools ~ the The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner is the perfect handheld that also has a long reach wand attachment.
Rotary Drill or Rotatory Drills also called as Hand Drills is another important product of Bosch Power Tools.

Find inspiration and encouragement as you plan, begin and complete do-it-yourself projects at Lowe’s Home 101.
In the essence of tools lies a functional role to build and create, making them a big priority for designers. Although not all design studios have a power tool in their portfolio, many do and TEAMS is quite famous for designing products like the Bosch IXO. In addition to paint, the handy device with a practical shoulder strap can also accurately spray varnishes, lacquers, oils, and numerous other spraying materials. Every year we see the release of new and improved tools that offer new solutions, combining features or solving old issues (like how to reach crevices to sand or paint or simply designing them to avoid fatigue).
It features an ergonomic design with many different handling possibilities for fatigue-free working.
Stuttgart based Metabo collaborated with Porsche Design to create the carbon fiber and aluminum reinforced P7911 Multihammer, the P7911 is lighter than its competitors and its patented handle placement allows better control of the tool. Tool encourages using power tools when cooking and they also add a couple of optimal power tool recipes, like Cream Cheese Frosting and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.
After burning several hand-held mixers they decided to try a power drill, and now the power tools are their trademark. Hand tools and power tools like hand drill machines, rotary drill machines, impact drill machines, angle grinders, mini angle grinder, hammer drill machines, cut-saw-machine, blower machines are the most famous items of Bosch.
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And these certainly aren’t your usual power drills, sanders, saws and more… and to spice things up, have you ever thought of using your power tool as a regular instrument in your kitchen?
Beautiful tools can be seen in many industrial design school projects and having many human factors involved to make a good hand-held power tool. TEAMS began collaborating with Bosch in 1956, when founder Hans Erich Slany introduced the radical concept of plastic tool housing - replacing heavy, conductive steel - to Robert Bosch.
With a length of 13.7 cm, the GDR 10,8-LI (right)cordless impact driver is one of the smallest on the market, offering a wide range of applications with its well-thought-out construction.
Power tools are often bulky and difficult to hold and working spaces can be extremely tight. Its engine placement ensures a perfect balance and its dust extraction from between the brush ring and the sanding pad and through the 10-hole extraction ports prevents premature clogging of the abrasive and promotes a healthy, dust-free working environment. Since that groundbreaking decision, TEAMS has designed hundreds of power tools for Bosch, Bosch subsidiaries, and other power tool manufacturers. Under these conditions, visibility can also be limited because of poor lighting conditions. There is a lot of duplication of these products hence you should be sure of whom you sourcing it to get the original.

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