How nice would it be to have lots of power and quality in the palm of your hands and a tool that is lightweight? Milwaukee is truly leading the charge in their 12v line, especially with everything going brushless so quickly. Great review Eric, i wonder id DeWalt will make the move to in the handle packs when they go brushless with 12v.
I am switching to the milwaukee 12v line and have been very pleased with the construction and power.
These tools, originally designed for construction work, are now small and light enough to use on DIY projects at home. My 1st tool was the M12 fuel impact driver and am looking for the right angle drill as my next.

When the batteries would die id go to my snap on 7.2 volt lithium impact but that just doesnt have the power.
You can find these wrenches from popular brands, such as Cornwell, Makita, and Milwaukee electric impact wrenches.
Electric Impact WrenchesImpact wrenches are most often thought of as tools for automotive repair work. They look and function like regular wrenches but provide more power and operate at higher speeds than conventional tools.
Mechanics regularly use them for taking apart stubborn bolts, increasing their productivity. You can find them in user-friendly layouts, like those featuring ergonomic handles with rubber grips, letting you retain control over your tool at all angles.

You can operate them safely and easily using a power on and off switch and control speeds with the push of a button. You have many options to consider when choosing a wrench, but the large inventory on eBay helps narrow your options.

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