With the StrikeMaster Lazer Mag’s 42 cc, 2.5 horsepower Solo engine, you’ll enjoy first-pull reliability. Ice anglers who’ve long relied on the Lazer Mag’s ideal combination of weight, cutting speed and value will look you in the eye when testifying why they started with StrikeMaster and never looked back. Everything posted above is absolutely true, i love my solo powered strikemaster, when the engine warms up and really rips off there is no better sound or thrill you will get from owning one of these fine machines.

Swedish-made, Mora’s twin, stainless steel Lazer blades are the sharpest and strongest available. If the auger you’re looking at boasts a Solo engine, Mora blades and American-made gears and transmission, look no further. This auger is almost effort less in its drilling capabilities, which in turn you can drill more holes and stay on the ice longer.

With its American-made StrikeMaster transmission and gears, the Lazer Mag performs even better than it looks.

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