This Ridgid heavy-duty wrench is manufactured from strong cast-iron for excellent durability. It has an I-beam handle, which resists bending and shearing forces, and the hook and heel jaws are heat-treated for toughness. The Ridgid RC-1625 Ratchet Cutter from Ridgid.These Ridgid shears are rugged, precise and have a ratcheting mechanism for fast, effortless cutting of plastic tubing.
Louis, MO] The Ridge Tool Company introduced an updated RIDGID RP 330 pressing tool as an alternative to soldering copper tubing.

The tool is offered in a corded model (RP 330-C) and a battery operated version (RP 330-B), which utilizes an 18 V lithium-ion battery to allow more connections per charge than earlier models. The RP 330 has a 270° jaw rotation and a flattened top, permitting better accessibility in confined areas. Indicator lights provide easily understood signals for the tool’s performance, and an audible signal indicates the pressing cycle’s completion. ProPress fittings are more expensive than solder fittings, and a power pressing tool with a set of jaws can set you back $2,000 or more, but the system is a time saver.

The RP 330 presses 0.5-inch to 4-inch joints and is compatible with all standard RIDGID pressing jaws.

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