What happens during an annual boiler service?Your experience of a plumber or central heating engineer might well have been them breezing in, spending five minutes tinkering and grunting, then leaving you with a hefty bill..
EDS tools have announced some new additions to their already wide product range with the addition of 2 new wheel nut spinners and 2 new turnbuckle wrenches. If you republish any elements from this page on another website, including text, original pictures or formatted results please be sure to add a link back to this page as the source.
Before running off to make a series of drawings and sketches, take time to understand your prototype and how it supports your design work. In my previous article on sketching and prototyping, I discussed why possible design solutions can only be estimated if you’re using a placeholder. Before starting any testing session, explain the prototype to users so that they can understand what they will be experiencing.
By introducing the prototype at various stages you can do quick user testing with low fidelity prototypes; with each subsequent round of testing you can increase the fidelity from low, to medium, to high. Keep in mind that your paper prototype will not be able to show users some contextual and tactile interactions. Regardless of fidelity, it is important to approach each testing session with clearly defined tasks and measurable goals.
Note feedback on simple friction points like confusing labels or size and position of buttons and links and assess their effect on the interaction and interface. Use a participatory design approach to give users a chance to articulate their feedback on the design solution. In addition to being a quick and easy way to iterate designs, paper prototyping is an interdisciplinary activity that encourages input from team members. Andrew coordinates a postgraduate program in Interactive Media Management at Sheridan College and writes about how kids adapt and use technology on his blog. I am sure these might be quite handy in reaching some out of the way fasteners, plus, I love the length. I would rig up a hot air ballon with a drop mechanism, then I would let ‘er go to drop the whole set right back on mainland China.
These would definitely come in handy when tuning up my snow blower in preparation for winter.

These would get a lot of use in my personal shop getting my vintage bikes and snowmobiles into tip-top shape.
They would be in my toolbox at work and would be used in commercial electrical applications.
Thankfully, cowboys aren't the norm these days, however there are still enough of them around to make many people looking for annual boiler servicing very cautious.
The wheel nut spinners have been made using the familiar red anodising on the handle and the spinner comes in both 17mm and 23mm nut sizes, while the turnbuckle wrenches come in 3mm and 5mm sizes. Having several boxes labeled “product” will not produce the same testing outcomes as when using informative labels.
If you say “wrench” to someone, they will visualize an image of wrench that arises from their previous experiences and knowledge.
Users’ expectations can create bias when interacting with your prototype that may not be indicative of how they would use the final product. Test on yourself first, especially when trying to implement a new approach to complex interactions. The user will often navigate and interact with interfaces by what Steven Krug refers to as “muddling” and “satisficing.” These two concepts will reveal if paths were used the way they were intended (or not). Users may not be able to fully articulate their expectations or thoughts on the interactions and interface, so give them the opportunity to sketch. A prototype can help identify a range of problems within the interface and can also address issues with layout, content labels and button placement. At the end of a hard working day, I would lovingly wipe them down and put them in my tool box with all of the other Craftsman wrenches I own. He and I wrench on our personal cars, and we have been looking at buying these for a while but have not pulled the trigger.
The most important thing to ask before letting them loose on your system is whether they are gas safe registered, and ask to see their gas safe ID card.
For example, when someone says “wrench” to me, I often think of the game piece from the mystery game, Clue. Be aware that users may not be fully honest during testing and most likely temper their feedback.

Tasks can be anything from identifying the login or placing a product into a shopping cart. Provide the users with blank sheets of paper to enable them to sketch out their solution and their sketches will provide the designers with a hard copy of the users’ feedback. Entering the giveaway is simple – leave a comment at the end of this post telling us what you would use it for. It is necessary for the user to have context to fully understand the nature of a (web) page (is it authoritative content, does it require user input, and what type of input?) and the type of tasks that can be performed. Users can become easily distracted by placeholders when they’re trying to interpret or understand the context or meaning of the page layout. There are, however, several other types of wrenches that may come to someone’s mind, for example: Box-end Wrench, Open-end Wrench, Combination Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Socket Wrench,  Allen Wrench,  Spanner Wrench, Torque Wrench, Pipe Wrench. Look for cues during testing that user are “holding back” such as  long pauses before providing answers, deep sighs or facial expressions masking their confusion or frustration. Run through your prototype several times to identify potential pitfalls and and dead ends in functionality that can get the user lost or stuck in an area of the prototype that will require you to intervene or reset the testing scenario. In most cases they would be near the hot water cylinder.Parts such as the heat exchanger, burner and fan would need to be dismantled and checked. Without context, the user can only guess how to complete tasks and the prototype may give them the wrong impression of how the site or application is meant to work. If you use one of these specific types of wrenches rather than using a generic wrench placeholder, they will provide a much stronger context to users, even if they don’t know the uses of the different types of wrenches. This would not normally be necessary for the modern boiler, unless the flue gas analysis suggests that there is a problem. When testing a prototype remember to be “clear first, clever second” with your UI design and  presentation.

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