Parkit360 is the easy to use, quality built, compact and light weight power trailer dolly systems. A new patented trailer jack that moves trailers in Now you can drive your boat trailer, snowmobile trailer, or and with out struggling with a trailer dolly. The Powrhitch uses two drive wheels and the unit (using the smaller dolly wheels) to your trailer and The Powrhitch is powered by a 12 volt DC battery and requires a Electric motorized trailer mover, park your boat, travel trailer, fifth net, ac dollie, electric trailer dolly, electric trailer type hitch that has a crank-up jack.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Parts List Main Components: - One old battery pack - One cigarette lighter plug and cord, the heavier the better. About twenty years ago, I sprang for a state of the art, best that money could buy, a Porter Cable 12 volt cordless drill. I intend to rebuild two of the batteries with new NiMH cells eventually, but for now, I decided that as long as it is a 12 volt drill, it can run from a 12 volt battery pack, of which I have several.
You will have to open it up and engineer it to hold the contact plates firmly in place with the wires attached. At every step of the wiring, it is a good idea to check the wiring with a continuity tester or ohmmeter to determine that the connections are complete and that there are no opens or shorts.
Before chopping, cutting, drilling, examine the components to determine the best path for the wires. If you have problems with my instructions, drill a hole through your hand, set your hair on fire or burn down your house, all correspondence regarding these issues should be made to my attorney.
If you do this mod properly you can power your drill off of anything that supplies 18 volts of power. How would one bypass the 12 volt lithium ion batteries temp sensor output signal which drill requires?

I am interested in doing this to as i have a good 12v drill and 2 Batteries just sometimes when i down my allotment and the Batteries go flat i have no way to charge them. I tried this, but with all the batteries still there i got nothing but a tiny spark (connection not attached permanently yet), tried with only 2 then 1 left and got nothing but that same connection spark.
Maybe there should be a site-wide disclaimer indicating that if anyone is attempting a project that is beyond his skills, it may turn out to be more entertaining than she expected and let them have their fun. Been looking for a way to rebuild it as corded (but most 12v PS don't have the apms to drive it, and the ones that do cost more then a new drill), and never occurred to me that I could use one of my 12v boosters to cord it up!
If you want to do this with a drill that is less than 12 volts, you will have to determine a way to drop the voltage to a safe level. Try to find a cord that is long enough to comfortable reach the battery pack from where you will be working. I modded my drill's dead battery pack to accept power from anything, whether it be wall power, or a car battery for when you are on the road, to solar power when you are just away from normal power sources.
I thought i knew the polarity (busted my tester the other day) and tried it with the cells (inside the battery pack) inline because that was the first howto i found.
Until I hooked it to my power source which was actually outputting closer to 14v (my fault, should have checked settings) it was still working just fine with batteries. But most of them will know what you did by the time they've finished reading the title. Easy Hitch plug in) verse DC (battery operated) In A new patented trailer jack that moves trailers in confined locations with ease. I tried with just 2 and then 1 of the original cells because i read another which stated that you could have a dead cell. I do think that if anyone is not familiar with basic tools used for this project, they may have a - shall I say - less than positive experience.

If your drill is a higher voltage, I don't know of any simple way to provide a higher voltage. I don't have to spend $70 on another battery that is non-rechargeable ( that is the whole point here Dexter).
I assumed this would be okay because the power drawn from it should have been based on the need of the drill. If anyone still has problems with my originally well intentioned desire to share a good idea, please let me know and I'll delete the entire post and immediately commit seppuku (and try really hard not to bleed on anyone). I put battery clips on the ends so I can hook directly to the battery in my truck or hook up to a booster. The other day I needed it to work on a trailer, so I hooked up my jumper cables and hooked the drill to them. At that point, I ended up with three dead batteries and a really nice drill that I couldn't use. I used this set-up to power a grain mill for 23 pounds of , malted barley for a beer that I'm brewing tomorrow. The motor still works when attached directly to power, but the trigger has stopped working. I think the third one is for a thermal probe so the charger will know when to turn off or regulate the charging current.

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