Oh yeah, $499.00 at Lowe’s and the feature I like, the power switch that i can hit with my knee to shut it down, bad thing is that it only cuts 26” to the right of the blade.
The HP ratings as I have learned reading the many forums is terribly misleading in that the 3.0 HP is the peak hp rating. Unfortunately, manufactures like to use peak HP which is a much higher number than what the tool really produces. With your experience, I hope there been or will be a product safety recall on this Hitachi saw. As I’ve progressed using the table saw (as I cannot afford to buy a new Griz) I realize that this would have been better designed with a direct shaft on the tilting handle instead of a plastic gear (which melted when it caught fire).
Mark,The design of this table saw is as follows:The top section is made of sheet metal and it folds in right where the body bolts to the legs. Sorry, but I have to make a correction for others who, like me, run across this thread while shopping for a new saw. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. Auction NoteBrian and Julie have decided to liquidate the bar and offer the real estate for auction. Hybrid table saws remain a popular category with woodworkers seeking more power and versatility than contractor and benchtop table saws.
In short, a hybrid table saw is larger than both the benchtop and contractor style table saws and smaller than the cabinet saw in terms of amperage.

If you enjoy arguing on the internet you might appreciate the overly long semantical warfare of this WoodNet thread debating the difference (or lack thereof…) between cabinet saws and hybrids. The Craftsman 22124 got 24 forum purchase recommendations, more than any other hybrid saw out there. That said, if you’ve got upwards of $1,000 to drop you should at least consider the Grizzly 1023 (the #1 cheap cabinet saw recommendation by woodworking forum members).
This is a terrible design, and although bigger and better that the contractor saws I’ve witnessed lately this has no business in a cabinet shoppe. To find the top 10 we gathered hybrid table saw tests, reviews and recommendations of professionals and hobbyists from the leading woodworking publications and forums. I didn’t count them all, but I bet there were TWICE that many recommendations that woodworkers get a cabinet saw instead of a hybrid. The dust collection is attrocious, the port is off-centered toward the front, while most of the dust collects on the inside edge in the rear of the saw. Over and over (and over and over and over) woodworkers recommend to each other on forums that they spring for a low-end or used cabinet saw instead of a hybrid.
In cases where a saw had multiple thumbs up from magazines we ranked these above saws more popular in the forums. Granted, the documentation for this saw is poor, but the diagram does show (and common sense would indicate) that the dust collection port should face the rear. Liquor license attaches to the property, Volley Ball Court, Horseshoe Pit See Below Personal Property Listing For The Details Of The Real EstateOpen House Will Be HeldThurs.
This is not always an option for many woodworkers due to space, electric, or cash restrictions.

We tend to skew towards forum recommendations as a key indicator for making our recommendations though there are certainly issues of objectivity. I just happened to look back after I shut it off while walking away I noticed embers and smoke. In addition, the stand has solid panels on the front and sides, but only a cross brace in the rear. Because it happened inside the frame out of view it was an act of God that I even saw it or my brother-in-law’s house would have burnt to the ground. After extinguishing the fire, and the cold sawdust was vacuumed out, it became evident that the plastic gear had melted in the heat.
The resulting fire melted the plastic gear that tilts the blade and now it has to be tilted by hand at great inconvenience.
The manual does remind you to make sure the front of the stand is aligned with the front of the saw.
The dust collection pan could be reversed, but then it would be difficult to attach a hose.
I just really have to wonder how this saw was assembled and whether a dust collection hose was attached.

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