Safety Psychology TerminologySome Basics on Social Psychology & RiskUnderstanding The Social Psychology of Risk – Prof Karl E. The guide includes information on how to apply health and safety risk management in an office environment, setting up a workstation set up, typical office hazards, health exercises and a comprehensive checklist. Don't miss a post - enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As a proud owner of an old-school flip phone, I’ve yet to engage in the variety of time-sucking activities offered by a typical smartphone, but know enough to deduce that such devices do not belong on the music stand. When faced with the impossibly busy schedule that most college students maintain, it’s very easy to slip into the habit of finding practice time as opposed to making practice time. While playing for your colleagues is an excellent way to get feedback in-between lessons and studio class, taking prolonged breaks to visit them in their own practice rooms could turn into yet another time vacuum for both of you.
Between classes, rehearsals, lessons and all the other activities you’re required to attend to in a given day, making time for meals can sometimes be difficult. It is a 100 page publication intended for use as as a resource for office managers, supervisors, safety officers and anyone involved in office work.
Use this safety poster to raise awareness of the many hazards employees and visitors may encounter when in an office.
As an aspiring cellist, I’ve certainly found such posts to be relevant and useful, but have always felt a bit of trepidation about writing one myself. The metronome app might be convenient, but when Facebook notifications keep popping up every few minutes, it can become very tempting to switch your focus from sixteenth notes to Facebook notes.
With devices such as iPods becoming ever portable, you can attend to your listening work almost anywhere, and you don’t necessarily need to be in top-focus mode to do so.
The point is that it’s not very difficult to use your practice time well as long as you keep it as practice time and not as social media-sleeping-socializing-listening-dinner-time.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Officewise covers: Managing occupational health and safety in the office, risk management, hazards, job and work environment design, office layout, workstations, furniture, working with computers, exercises, manual handling, and advice. We all work and improve in different ways, so it’s hard to offer all-encompassing advice about achieving productivity when for some people, it might very well result in the opposite. Even if you wisely switch your phone to silent during your practice session, it can turn into a dangerous source of procrastination at break times–what was originally intended to be a five-minute rest can turn into a fifteen minute social media sweep, including a brief chat with your friend on the floor below and a perusing of that intriguing viral video that just materialized in your newsfeed. There will always be time later to intimate your instrumental ills, and the hallowed time spent in the practice hallway would be better spent solving them.
Playing with recordings can sometimes be a valuable practice exercise, but it’s quite easy to let it become another way of procrastinating the nitty-gritty work. In new construction homes, GFCI receptacles are a requirement anywhere that electrical outlets and water will be in close proximity to one another.
Outlet covers prevent babies and small children from sticking their fingers and other objects into unoccupied receptacles, protecting them against shock and electrocution. A colleague recently told me that they experience increased efficiency whilst practicing in front of a muted TV; if I did the same, I doubt I would get anything accomplished outside of obtaining a greater knowledge of the 2016 presidential race (are we seriously talking about that already?). Plus, you’ll curb your addiction to Facebook, get more sleep, maintain healthier relationships with your colleagues, have a cherished time of day to listen to your favorite recordings, and probably improve your diet as well!
In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help. GFCIs detect current leakages (or ground faults) in electrical circuits – such as would occur when a powered device made contact with water. Broken wall plates, or the absence of them altogether, can be especially dangerous in the dark – when trying to locate a switch by touch, you may end up being shocked or electrocuted if you miss the mark and end up hitting live wires instead. Protect yourself from shock and electrocution by keeping your electric hedge trimmer, weed whacker, and lawnmower safely unplugged and stowed away until precipitation has stopped, grass and foliage is dry, and puddles can be easily avoided.

Excessive pressure on power cables can damage insulation (exposing the conductor), or compress the conducting wire, which can lead to overheating and put you at risk for an electrical fire. As I contemplated this dilemma, however, it occurred to me that while there are an endless variety of techniques to employ in the practice room, there are certainly some universal hazards that we can all relate to. The viral video will still be there when you go home, and your etude will be all the better for it. Pepper from the student lounge vending machine and practicing until I (sometimes literally) dropped. Keeping the iPod dormant (alongside your iPhone), and reserving listening time for later will definitely increase your focus, and ultimately, your efficiency.
Go immediately to your home’s panel board and shut off power to the corresponding circuit. The GFCI then shuts off power to that receptacle almost instantaneously, preventing electrical shock, burns, and electrocution.
If you’re not sure which size to buy, have an electrician take a look at your panel box and label it with the circuit breaker or fuse size needed (for easy future reference). At the time, I assuaged my guilty conscious by telling myself I was in fact making progress during these epic nocturnal sessions, but in retrospect, I think I accomplished little more than maintaining my calluses.
Once the device has dried thoroughly, have an electrician evaluate whether or not it’s fit for continued use.

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