UK Tool Solutions has a large selection of portable tools, including drills, chisels, hammers, saws, pliers and wrenchs. We supply a variety of high quality brands and products such as DeWalt, Senco and Silverline. Always look after your tools and treat them with respect, full service and repair facilities available for all makes of products – please ask for details. These are the three tools you need to get you started in spooncarving, an axe, a hook knife and a straight knife.

Whilst suitable for beginners these are high quality tools that are also used by top professional carvers around the world. I like to keep things simple so I offer a simple flat rate shipping charge with all of my items.
West's of East Dean now hand make all of the Hortus Ornamenti range of gardening tools, accessories and gifts.Each item is beautifully designed with a particular function in mind, and as such they will give many years of pleasurable use in the home and garden.
From hand turned ‘Dibbers’ to exquisite tool sets, there is something to choose from for the avid gardener wishing to treat themselves, their family or friends, whatever the occasion.

Some folk like to have several hooks with different curves and left and right handers, I generally only use one right hand open sweep hook for most of my production carving so that is what I have included in this spooncarving tool kit.
If you prefer a different hook or are left handed you can simply buy the items individually.

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