Through an extensive design optimisation programme undertaken by C.K’s dedicated team of engineers and metallurgists, the C.K dextro and dextroVDE screwdrivers are now up to 30% tougher! The new C.K Armourslice 'strips away the hassle' of preparing SWA cable, allowing the job to be done up to 50% faster compared with traditional stripping methods, and ensures a perfect cut everytime. The Hyde MaxxGrip wire brush is great for prep work applications, rust removal, and heavy cleaning.
The MaxxGrip is made entirely from durable, corrosion-resistant polypropylene, and features a comfortable molded handle to reduce fatigue and cramping.
Since 1939, Beta Tools of Italy has been considered one of the preferred brands by professional tool users in Europe and they now have a Worldwide Distribution in more than 80 Countries. In 2012 We, Peerless Hardware, have been appointed as an Authorized Importer of Beta Tools products in the USA and Canada.

Now being stocked, sold and supported in the USA, Italian Design and European quality tools are available in the USA and Canada.
Beta Tools of Italy has a rich history in motor sports, a sector it enjoys strong professional ties with. Since 1939, Beta Tools of Italy has been known as a premium quality brand of hand tools and tool storage used by all kinds of professional tool-users. Two component handle featuring a soft grip outer with solid core - for safety, performance and control. For optimal results, maximum downward pressure on the heavy duty gauge wire will produce the best cut. Known for their high quality and innovative design, Beta Tools can be easily seen by their signature orange color in the racing pits of the most important Car and Motorsports events worldwide.

More than 40 years on the tracks and in the team workshops have helped to test many advanced technical solutions, constantly raising the quality levels of Beta products. Still today in fact, you will see the Beta Tools logo throughout the main motorsports industries including such series as Moto GP and Superbike. The unique design of Beta Tools, tailored to specific applications, makes Beta Tools the must-have items in the tools boxes of professional tool users.

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