Additionally, safety talks were developed through a collaborative effort lead by the UVM-UE Safety Committee to raise safety awareness. While there are many different types of machine guards, there are a few things that they all have in common. Once the power cutter is fully charged, you can leave it for up to 18 months and it will still hold the charge until you are ready to use it. This poster will raise awareness of the need to follow safety procedures and stay alert to potential hazards. This poster is available in two sizes, please use the poster size button to make your selection. This poster is available in different languages, please use the poster language button to make your selection. Using this learning resource could have a positive impact on the insurance premiums that your organisation pays.
We will be happy to discuss the ways in which this poster can be customised to your requirements.
Please save the poster to your basket remembering to include the quantity that you require and one of the Work Place Learning Centre advisers will contact you. Option 3 - As part of a blended learning solution with learning resources selected from across the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue. If you would like to discuss the various purchase options available with this poster, please save the poster to your basket remembering to include the quantity that you require and one of the Work Place Learning Centre advisers will contact you. Discounts are available for bulk purchases of this poster or when it is combined with other products. Simply add this poster to your basket, remember to include the quantity that you require and one of our Work Place Learning Centre advisers will contact you. Save this poster in your basket and a Work Place Learning Centre adviser will contact you with our best price. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of data it is not technically possible to maintain price changes in real time. When you need to make sure that your staff members know the basics of hand tool safety, free videos about the safe use of tools in the workplace can be very beneficial.
Safety videos can cover a variety of topics, from how to choose the right tool for a particular job to the proper procedure for inspecting the tool to make sure it is in good working order before use.
In this video, you will get basic instruction on how to use a hand punch to make holes in wood. The Missouri Center for Career Education at Central Missouri State University is an excellent resource for those interested in borrowing safety videos. Well-known power and hand tool manufacturer STIHL has an online video information library that features a number of free online streaming videos about tool safety.

If your organization is a member of The Safety Council you can borrow up to three videos, as well as other titles related to workplace safety, at a time.
Many states also have their own safety council organizations, and these organizations frequently provide members with free access to safety training videos. If you are responsible for safety training in your organization and you are not currently a member of the Safety Council or a similar local organization, it is a good idea to investigate how your company could benefit from membership.
Workplace safety is a serious issue, and properly training employees on all aspects of how to remain injury-free in the workplace is important to protect both the employees and the company. There are a lot of dangers present in your toolbox, and it’s important to recognize proper safety procedures. The most common physical injuries from power and hand tools include bumps, bruises and cuts, but serious injuries are all too common as well. It is vital to practice proper safety policies and procedures to minimize the risk of accidents, injury and liability at work. Always use thorough and proper personal protective equipment such as heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, hardhats and eye protection.
These safety talks that can be used to guide safe work practices with hand and power tools.
A table-mounted drill press must be secured to a properly sized and weighted table so as not to be top-heavy and must be and secured down. Workplace injuries can be very costly, and employees who do not know how to properly use hand tools are much more likely to suffer injuries than those who are properly trained. You can also find videos demonstrating the right protective clothing to wear with each type of hand tool, or even operating instructions.
This tool is something that is normally carried in a tool belt and must be used correctly with a hammer to avoid injury. He explains how to choose the right drill bit to get a clean cut in a piece of wood and how to use a backing piece of wood when drilling a hole. Always be sure to clamp the piece of wood firmly in place and wear ear protection while cutting to reduce the risk of injury while the saw is in use.
Funded by a grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the center maintains a comprehensive library of training materials.
Available topics include information on the safe operation of both hand tools and power tools such chain saws, pruners, trimmers and a number of others. The archive is updated frequently, so this is a great resource to check when you are looking for material for new classes or workshops. Simply search the organization's online video database and submit a request via the website. For example, the Oklahoma Safety Council and the Utah Safety Council both have libraries of hundreds of safety-related videos that members can borrow at no cost.

Don't wait until a worker seriously injures himself because of improper use of a hand tool to take advantage the many free video training resources available to you and your employees. It prevents injuries from occurring in the first place, instead of being presented reactively, after someone has already gotten hurt. Here’s an overview of hand and power tool safety and how you can defend against liability issues. From hitting your thumb with a hammer to slipping with a saw, these nigh invisible liability issues are real and costly.
Workers should strictly observe safety procedures and care including use of proper protective equipment, and keep their toolbox well organized to avoid protruding blades and sharp objects. This can create serious, ongoing and chronic injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome from turning wrenches, ratchets and screws, banging nails, drilling or even welding all day.
These can create all manner of problems for the business, from loss of manpower to financial hits and personal loss. By using this method, you will know when you have made a hole through to the other side without going into the surface of the bench your wood is sitting on as well. Safety-related topics include the Hand Tools Institutes' Hand Tool Safety in the Workplace and Chain Saws and Common Sense -- A Guide for People with Both.
One area that most contractors take for granted and fail to recognize as dangerous is your personal toolbox. Workers can suffer nerve damage, repetitive motion injuries and even the loss of limbs from hand and power tools.
Your toolbox includes implements that are designed to cut, burn and melt wood, metal and concrete. These activities put a lot of strain on tendons, muscles and ligaments, and injury can result over time. Simply visit the Web site and submit an online reservation form to request the videos of your choice. The best way to prevent these injuries is to take frequent breaks and mix up different kinds of activity throughout the day as much as possible.
In addition, flying debris from the use of hand and power tools can cause injury to eyes and body parts.

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