Another thing that prompted me to change the way I stored my saws was the way that my Dozuki and Dovetail saw were stored promoted rust. So after arriving at the ideal layout, I took a photo and proceeded to make tool holders for the saws that didn't have them already.
I wanted something that would secure the saws and stop them from bumping into one another when the door was swung open.
All of the holders were made from various pieces of scrap wood like walnut, claro walnut, pear, cherry and hickory.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Back last year at this time I had installed my old stock of saws on the left side door panel. I got a Wenzloff Small tenon saw for my birthday, a Graymercy Dovetail saw, a small jewelers coping saw, and I made a 12" bow saw.

So I decided to move all the saws to that side and then use the left side for the rest of the tools I wanted to store (ANOTHER project). The reason I made them this was was to avoid making my door panels look like Swiss cheese when I screwed up drilling holes. I've always had this thing for the clever way that the tools in the Studley Tool Cabinet were locked in place. They all got a coat of Danish oil and were installed on the panel via screws from the rear side.
The curves were cut with the bow saw, the parts shaped with a rasp and the holes were drilled with a brace or eggbeater.
So I ditched the plastic handled Cobalt (Lowes), shelved the rusty old Warranted Superior Dovetail saw (I still plan to rehab that, but later), as well as my old Crown Gent's saw (which was as sharp as a bowling ball). Choose from 3 speeds to cut everything from brass and aluminum to rugged alloy and tool steels.

Bad for me, the instructions referenced a part list that was on non-existenence pages and the numbers did not match. The pully cover is not installed but the pulleys are, forcing you to have to use a puller to get the off.
I like how you can stand it up and use it as an upright for notching and cutting weird shapes.

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