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It will cut small wet wood, but you should use a pruning saw for branches, and if you don't want to use a chainsaw to fell an entire tree, you'll need to learn to sharpen an axe.
A large bow saw is the only other type of a manual one person saw I know of for cutting branches. Thanks I'll have to do some looking when I have some time, looks like a cheap alternative to a bandsaw.
The hand saw has an oil-resistant comfort grip for easy operation and comes with its own protective sheath for safe storage. I also broke the trees down to be split for firewood and trimmed off the branches for mulching. This saw will bind in large wet wood, and the teeth are too small to clear a lot of green wood. The only hand tools that have a chance with that kind of thing are the the old 35+-inch one-man or two-man crosscut saws, which you can get online from forestry suppliers and maybe used through the auction sites from all-hand-tool log-to-finished-furniture historical woodworking hobbyists.
After drawing the outline on the blank you'll need a good saw to cut it out, this is the perfect tool for the job.

I wasn't quite sure but since I feel like making use of trees is a permaculture-thing I thought I'd try it here. I was thinking of asking if anyone knew of a one man 'pit-style' rip saw (ie.
The hand saw features an oil-resistant nonslip handle for comfort and an aggressive dual action tooth design that cuts wood twice as fast compared to conventional hand saws. The hand saw features a hardened, tempered spring steel blade with precision set teeth that are bevel filed for fast, smooth, accurate cutting. Handsaw with Wood Handle:This is a fully functioning, very sharp, hand saw that will fit inside many carpenter toolboxes.
Its SharpTooth technology uses 3 cutting surfaces to cut 50% faster than conventional Stanley hand saws.
If your dead set against even renting a chainsaw, you might consider getting a bid to have the tree cut or have the tree all the way removed. I agree that the modern professional option, and your most realistic one, is going to be to rent or borrow a good-sized professional chainsaw. Filing and setting rip saw and crosscuts is an art and the tools to do it don't come cheap either. Great for wood workers, landscapers and any handyman, this hand saw is a durable cutting tool for countless jobs! Great for wood workers, landscapers and any handyman, this hand saw is a classic tool that every toolbox needs! If it was me and I really wanted to use hand tools to work with I would do the research then bite the bullet and go with the old stuff.

This one sailed through 75mm-thick elm with the minimum of effort and was a real pleasure to use. Interesting video on how Lynx hand saws are made. There also some very books put out by the Forest Service that tell how to use and maintain crosscuts and axes. Handsaw with Wood Handle:I had a very small project and I did not want to spend a lot of money. I would encourage anyone who really want to save money on your project, Head to Harbor Freight Tools the Jersey Village store. Handsaw with Wood Handle:Just like the handsaw my favorite uncle gave me some 70 years ago. Hand Saw with TPR Handle:If you buy a hand saw at HF, get this one and avoid the wooden handled one. Unfortunately the handle is too small for my hand, and my hands are no bigger than average.

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