The Portapress is a device designed to convert your hand drill into a drill press, making the task of drilling metal easier and safer for the operator. Corporate names & trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies.
The Strong Arm 5 HD Portable Drill Press fits most drills without the additional cost of adapting to work with your drill! NOTE: By adding this item to your shopping cart, you are agreeing to TERMS AND CONDITIONS Shipments are sent  4 Business Day Delivery. The Strong Arm 5 HD portable drill press is a multi-purpose portable drilling leverage device for use with any hand held drill. Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty is a multi-purpose portable drilling leverage device for use with any hand-held drill.

This is the most powerful, most versatile mobile drill press on the market and is the only one on the market today which is built to last that can both push and pull into drilling material. The Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty portable drill press is designed take up to 150 lbs of pull there is 750 lbs of force at the drill bit so that the effectiveness of the drill quality is increased by 55 pounds more than the standard.
Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty portable drill press also has optional attachments that increase the tool’s functionality for a variety of applications. Extension foot attachments are available so that you can use the Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty to drill up to 8’ overhead.
Pipe Foot attachment used when drilling round pipes facilitates the bit to avoid slipping off during drilling.
This Heavy Duty portable drill press offers all of the same features as the Strong Arm 5 Standard, but it has some additional benefits, such as 1? times the strength of the standard as well as greater stability, less flex and a better edge grip.

Its combination of power, lightweight and convenience allows the operator to make easy work out of otherwise tough drilling situations.
Besides being a brute force tool, it is also a precision tool allowing you to drill straight holes with little to no walking. You don’t even need to get under the job; you can let the Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty portable drill press do the work.
The Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty is advanced engineered for durability, convenience, safety, and versatility with its effortless 5 to 1 leverage function.

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