Weighing only 13 pounds, the Norton Clipper HHDETOL is a Cardi hand-held core drill, with a 15 amp motor.
Please see specification PDF file, located in Related Documents in the right hand navigation column of this page, for complete list of specifications for this product. This compact hand-held HHD323 core drill, has all the qualities of larger, more expensive drills.  Its light-weight body and adjustable shoulder stock make drilling comfortable and simple. KOR-IT® maintains its' valued and trusted brand name since 1958 by providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry. K-806 Combination Hand Held Core Drill with Drill Stand comes with a powerful 3-speed hand held core drill plus the light weight portable core drill stand. The KOR-IT K-806 Combination Hand Held Core Drill with Drill Stand is simply the most cost effective and reliable core drill in its class.

The K-806 is the most popular core drill package with our rental store customers, due to its cost effectiveness and the ROI. The K-806 has a universal, industry standard drill spindle which will fit any standard core bit.
Please note, for safety reasons, never try to use a vacuum base when drilling horizontally on a wall. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
To support our reliability, KOR-IT® is the only manufacture in our industry including a Lifetime Warranty for our core drill machines. This core drill can be used to drill concrete or asphalt, you just need the right core bit for the job.

If your system looses power, the vacuum could loose suction and you’ll end up with broken equipment and possibly an injury. The result is optimum drilling and longer tool life.All models include a built-in leveling bubble, safety slip clutch, carrying case, water swivel, overload signal and Ground Fault Interrupter. This powerful 15amp 110 volt motor will drill up to a 6" hole with our optional drill stand.

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