This listing has been developed from information found in Goodell Brothers and Goodell-Pratt Company catalogs. Big or small, the PS 70 arboriculture saw is an ideal value choice when one tool has to do it all.
When you require more protection than traditional landscaping gloves, turn to Proscaper Series™ Gloves from STIHL. A combination of safety and style, Camo Glasses from STIHL provide 99% UV protection in a sleek, camo-pattern frame.
Rated 5 out of 5 by 1reviewer.Rated 5 out of 5 by TPR662 Excellent for all size hands I purchased these shears about two years ago and have used them on a regular basis. And you get the rugged box, the anti-slip guide plate, the anti-slip large size steel clamp, the cleaning hook !
This 3KG box really is the ultimate solution with 30 diamond cores in the most popular sizes and also now with and ever wider choice of sizes.
Retailers are already asking us when we can supply so we wont hold onto this price forever. We put a huge amount of stock into the case so that you never have to be worried or caught out.
The steel clamp (non rust!) is perfect for the 115mm but we also punched out a couple of extras for you.
1) Anti-Slip Guide Plates : 2) Water Cooling Sponge : 3) Cleaning hook [ YOU DO NOT GET THE BATTERY DRILL! Finally – Insert the J-Hook (Its like a big toothpick) into the barrel of the 6mm or 8mm to eject any stubborn tile dirt or grit caught in the barrel – Easy!
Finally, a powerful pruning shear capable of tackling tough cutting jobs, but designed exclusively for smaller hands. The STIHL PL 40 lopper is our largest model, made for higher tree branches that defy lesser tools.

Its 13" nickel-finished blade and rubberized polymer grip can handle branches up to 10” in diameter. These gloves feature premium boarskin for terrific softness and padded palms for abrasion resistance.
I am 6'2" with size XXL hands, and these fit me just as well as my wife, they are compact and feel like they are perfect for any size hands.
Containing a huge number of diamond cores plus all the equipment required to use them efficiently.
Included with the kit is our latest innovation the stainless steel push clamp for the 115mm. As a company we are very used to providing small kits and packs ideal for installers who just wanted to tackle a few pipe sizes. There is a 6mm and an 8mm plus some other sizes so you can guide the diamond cores down with accurancy and create a sure start to the tile. Dip the tip of the drill into some water and that will be enough for you to get the hole started.
Simply submerge the sponge in water (do not wring out) then push it against the rotating core bit. Addison Drills, Cutters, Totem-Taps, Dies Miranda, Jhalani, Taparia, Ambika, Venus, Hacksaw Blades & Tool Bits J.K.
While the company typically stressed new features in its catalogs, it seldom mentioned the disappearance of a feature or the addition of a feature that had become so commonly accepted that it was no longer noteworthy.
Its non-slip coated handle is designed to stay firmly in place while you take down encroaching vines, twigs and stems.
Its aircraft aluminum handle measures a full 32”, perfect for reaching taller branches and getting better leverage on all your pruning tasks. If you are looking for something substantial and you dont want to break the bank then buy direct from the factory at ?199 instead of ?299 retail.

Just seeing the equipment you bring to the job gives your clients peace of mind that you have the right tools. Soft rubber temple tips and nosepiece are designed to help maintain fit while reducing slippage. Whatever the job throws at you then you can be sure you have the perfect diamond core inside the case. That you are a credit to your profession, that you are a professional who invests in his time, his skills and his tools. Its chrome-plated blades can be re-sharpened and even replaced, increasing the pruning shear’s lifespan. If you are on the flat then simply drop a puddle of water onto the tile by squeezing the sponge. Widia, Sandvik, Carbide Tips Jhalani Taparia, Everest-Hand Tools, Carborundum, Grindwell Norton Grinding Wheels, Ajax John OK, Emery Cloth, Rolls, Water Proof, Polishing Paper Etc. Turner-Champion Asbestos-Rope, Tapes Sheets, Teflon Rope Steam Jointings Gland Dory Klipco Clamps, Dunlop Hoses, Fenner, Couplings, V-belts, Rubber Sheets, Silicon, Neoporin, High pressure for Steam & Oil, Feibig, HGURU, Pressure Gauges, Diamond Industrial Chain, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Hawera drills, Bosch Power Tools, Drill, Machine Etc. I have yet to sharpen them.These are the last pair of shears I will ever buy, and recommend them to anyone. We used a third party testing company so that retailers as well as installers can be sure of the results.
ESSAB, Advani Welding Material, Drill Chucks, LPS, UNB Bolts Etc., Wire Rope, Hydrolic Hoses, Trolly Wheels, Holdite, Rustolin, Polycoat, Molykote, CRC, WD-40, Kluber, OKS – Greases & Sprays Comando Drillls, Steel Tapes, Unik & RIF Sanitary Fittings Etc.
Obviously you can tell just by looking at the picture but you can be sure UK craftsmen have spent time and love creating this selection box.

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