After spending several years traveling around Western Montana recruiting Honor Guard members and raising public awareness, the suicide death of a young and recently discharged marine spurred Chuck Lewis’s “Walking for the Fallen.” On March 31st, 2013, Sgt. Father Neeley typically spends 50 hours a week working and delivering firewood nine months out of the year.
David Snuggs is recognized for his service as the founder of My Neighbor in Need, an online service site that fulfills community need requests by mobilizing volunteers and community partners.
Since its launch in March 2012, My Neighbor in Need has helped over 1,600 people in Cascade County, Teton County, and Lewistown.
Victoria Elliott is recognized for volunteering in a preschool classroom for 30 hours a week for nearly 10 years. James Thompson is recognized for his involvement in charitable, educational, professional, religious, and civic community organizations in Billings for the past 60 years, as well as serving as one of the founding members of District 7 Human Resources Development Council. James’ passion for enhancing the community of Billings began clear back in 1953 with his involvement with St.
James has served the community through involvement in other boards including United Way, the Downtown Billings Association, Montana State University-Billings Foundation, Billings Kiwanis, and many more.
The Downtown Chicks are recognized for their efforts to actively promote and market downtown Great Falls. The Downtown Chicks were created in March 2012 when Alison Fried, Trina Knoche and Carol Bronson wanted to build on the growing excitement of downtown Great Falls. The Chicks also created Coins for a Cause to encourage people to give their spare change to collection jars at downtown businesses that are then redistributed to local organizations that provide direct services to the homeless. Valerie Umphrey is being recognized for her volunteer work as an EMT and going out of her way to care for her patients for over 20 years. Valerie’s work for the last 20 years has shown that she is willing to go above and beyond to provide professional patient care. At school, she teaches the importance of community response in emergencies, and is responsible for motivating a lot of high school students to take EMT classes and pursue a career in EMS.
Malmstrom Air Force Base Office of Emergency Management is recognized for its work in educating the public on disaster preparedness at statewide events. Volunteers with the Malmstrom AFB Office of Emergency Management rolled out the “BeReady” Program to educate the general public on earthquakes, flooding, extreme cold weather, wildland fires and other disasters. Fromberg School is recognized for Fromberg K-12 Schools are recognized for starting a new school breakfast program during the 2013 school year. Corvallis High School is recognized for increasing participation in an existing school breakfast program. Regulations Covering Hand and Power Tools 4 For General Industry 4 1910 Subpart P, Hand and Portable Power Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment.
What the Regulations Say About Hand Tools 4 Each employer shall be responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment used by employees, including tools and equipment which may be furnished by employees.
What the Regulations Say About Hand Tools 4 Employers shall not issue or permit the use of unsafe hand tools. General Safety Precautions 4 Employees who use hand and power tools and who are exposed to the hazards of falling, flying, abrasive and splashing objects, or exposed to harmful dusts, fumes, mists, vapors, or gases must be provided with the particular personal equipment necessary to protect them from the hazard. General Safety Precautions 4 Appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn due to hazards that may be encountered while using portable power tools and hand tools. Hand Tool Misuse 4 The greatest hazards posed by hand tools result from misuse and improper maintenance. Hand Tools 4 The employer is responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment used by employees but the employees have the responsibility for properly using and maintaining tools. Basic Hand Tool Safety Rules 4 Around flammable substances, sparks produced by iron and steel hand tools can be a dangerous ignition source. What Are Spark Resistant Tools 4 "Non-sparking", "spark-resistant" or "spark-proof" tools are names given to tools made of metals such as brass, bronze, Monel metal (copper-nickel alloy), copper- aluminum alloys (aluminum bronze), copper-beryllium alloys (beryllium bronze), and titanium. Hazards of Power Tools 4 All hazards involved in the use of power tools can be prevented by following five basic safety rules: 4 Keep all tools in good condition with regular maintenance. General Safety Guidelines for Power Tools 4 Be aware of all power lines and electrical circuits, water pipes, and other mechanical hazards in your work area, particularly those below the work surface, hidden from the operator's view, that may be contacted. General Safety Guidelines for Power Tools 4 Power tools can be hazardous when improperly used.
General Safety Guidelines for Power Tools 4 The following general precautions should be observed by power tool users: 4 Never carry a tool by the cord or hose.
General Safety Guidelines for Power Tools 4 All observers should be kept at a safe distance away from the work area. General Safety Precautions- Electric Tools 4 Employees using electric tools must be aware of several dangers; the most serious is the possibility of electrocution.
General Safety Precautions- Electric Tools 4 Under certain conditions, even a small amount of current can result in fibrillation of the heart and eventual death. General Safety Precautions- Electric Tools 4 Electric tools must either have a three-wire cord with ground and be grounded, be double insulated, or be powered by a low-voltage isolation transformer. General Safety Precautions- Electric Tools 4 These general practices should be followed when using electric tools: 4 Electric tools should be operated within their design limitations. Power Tool Accessories and Attachments 4 There's a variety of accessories available for use on or with power tools.
Powered Abrasive Wheel Tools 4 Powered abrasive grinding, cutting, polishing, and wire buffing wheels create special safety problems because they may throw off flying fragments. Powered Abrasive Wheel Tools 4 To prevent the wheel from cracking, the user should be sure it fits freely on the spindle.
Powered Abrasive Wheel Tools 4 Portable grinding tools need to be equipped with safety guards to protect workers not only from the moving wheel surface, but also from flying fragments in case of breakage.
Portable Circular Saws 4 Among professionals, the circular saw is probably the most commonly used power saw and perhaps the most commonly abused.
Portable Circular Saw Safety Precautions 4 Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields complying with the current national standard and a full face shield when needed.
These bits can be used in Dremels, Ryobis, Roto-Zips and other high-speed rotary drills, but they are generally meant for CNC equipment. Due to the high RPM these bits are used at (30,000-100,000 or higher is common), their small size, and the brittleness of the material (even the slight wobble of an operator's hand will shatter one, as will accidental contact with most any object), they must only be used with extensive safety precautions, as a shattered drill bit can easily penetrate skin (and be an expensive mistake!). Hello, my name is Dana Michaels, and I built this web site for GMC owners who are searching to find the best GMC factory repair manual for their Do It Yourself repair projects. In my experience only ALLDATA DIY provides the complete set of GMC factory service manuals with comprehensive GMC technical data for DIY auto repairs in one affordable package.
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Chuck Lewis is recognized for his commitment to raising money for programs that support wounded and disabled veterans, and increasing public awareness of suicide in the military.
Chuck Lewis set out on a 3,400 mile walk across the country to raise awareness and money for U.S.
James Episcopal Church Wood Bank is recognized for providing firewood for those in Southwest Montana that need help heating their homes in the winter. James Parish in Dillon and was founded by Father Harry Neeley and his wife, Val, over twenty years ago when they saw others struggle to make it through the months of cold weather. Flocks of volunteers help process and deliver the wood using a fleet of 10 chainsaws and a hydraulic wood splitter.
Through this online website, David has forged a strong community foundation between those that want to help and those that need help.
Additionally, he has shown the community of Great Falls the importance of building partnerships as a more efficient means to help others.
Devin’s preschool classroom at Seeley Lake Elementary School for a day of learning, development and fun with the children. He’s built close working relationships and model programs from the capacity of a small, all-volunteer run organization to ones with a multi-million dollar budget.
The Chicks have also been extremely successful at downtown brothel and historic tours as another creative way to connect the community.
Often, she drives patients 40 miles round trip to the nearest hospital, and will do the same to bring that patient back home. Volunteers take extra focus on educating children about disasters with flyers containing kid appropriate games and learning activities. Seventy-five percent of Fromberg’s 105 enrolled students get breakfast under the program on an average day.
Regulations Covering Hand and Power Tools 4 For General Industry 4 1910 Subpart P, Hand and Portable Power Tools and Other.
4 Wrenches, including adjustable, pipe, end, and socket wrenches shall not be used when jaws are sprung to the point that slippage occurs. 4 Employees and employers have a responsibility to work together to establish safe working procedures. 4 Floors should be kept as clean and dry as possible to prevent accidental slips with or around dangerous hand tools.
4 Some examples: 4 Using a screwdriver as a chisel may cause the tip of the screwdriver to break and fly, hitting the user or other employees. 4 Employers should caution employees that saw blades, knives, or other tools be directed away from aisle areas and other employees working in close proximity. Where this hazard exists, spark-resistant tools made from brass, plastic, aluminum, or wood will provide for safety. 4 Preferred "non-sparking" metals have less tensile strength than steels usually used to make tools. 4 With enhanced tool performance comes the responsibility to address power-tool safety issues. 4 There are several types of power tools, based on the power source they use: 4 electric, pneumatic, liquid fuel, hydraulic, and powder- actuated.
4 Among the chief hazards of electric-powered tools are burns and slight shocks which can lead to injuries or even heart failure.
4 Gloves, if kept clear of rotating parts, and safety footwear are recommended during use of electric tools.
4 Before an abrasive wheel is mounted, it should be inspected closely and sound- or ring-tested to be sure that it is free from cracks or defects.
4 The spindle nut must be tightened enough to hold the wheel in place, without distorting the flange. We do our best to list exact brand and condition; however, some sizes have varying quantities with and without ring sets.
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Includes Detailed Diagrams, Schematics of All Major Systems, Diagnostic and Repair Procedures, Technical Specifications, Factory Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, OEM Part Numbers and more.
Since, it has evolved to become a tri-county, tri-parish social service agency with services including: heating and cooking wood (over 296 cords in 2013), fresh eggs (82 dozen in 2013), reconditioned chain saws, and wool hats and mittens for children of the Wood Bank, Headstart and Food Pantry in SW Montana. One of David’s first requests for help came when a community member had trouble making it to the hospital for chemotherapy after her car broke down beyond repair.
One of these community partners is the Retired and Senior Volunteers, a Senior Corps program. She supports the classroom by reading aloud to the children, playing letter and numeracy games with them, or assisting in small group science work such as helping the children learn to use magnifying glasses, eyedroppers, and other science equipment.
After the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act in 1964, James got together with other community members and gathered support to found the Billings Community Action Partnership of Yellowstone County to address causes and conditions of poverty through community engagement. He is always willing to give any extra time he has in his day on top of his job as an attorney to make Billings a thriving place, and for that, the community is very thankful. The Chicks focus on supporting downtown through outreach, mentoring, and educational activities.
They even hold a quarterly meeting where they recognize member’s accomplishments as part of their motto to “Get things done!” for downtown Great Falls.
She exudes excellence by going back to patients’ houses to make sure pets are secured and fed.
Not only has she excelled as a volunteer EMT, she has also taught the value of volunteering and caring for neighbors to the community of St.

Volunteers with the AFB have traveled to schools, rodeos, and other statewide events to hand out materials and educate on different hazards in Montana.
Upon hire, Superintendent Teri Harris was concerned that there was not a breakfast program in place.  She knew this addition could help students reach their full academic potential.
This is not a Universal Free breakfast, but Kathy Martin, the Food Service Director, chose to have the $0.30 cent reduced-priced meal cost covered by the food service budget to make breakfast easier for low income students to eat.
4 Impact tools, such as drift pins, wedges, and chisels, shall be kept free of mushroomed heads. If a hazardous situation is encountered, it should be brought to the attention of the proper individual immediately. 4 If a wooden handle on a tool such as a hammer or an axe is loose, splintered, or cracked, the head of the tool may fly off and strike the user or another worker.
A lower tensile strength means the metal has less strength or resistance to tearing apart when stretched under test conditions. 4 Maintenance management professionals and technicians responsible for specifying and using power tools have a responsibility to check out a tool's safety features, then ensure that manufacturer safety precautions and common sense are followed at all times. The user and the tools are protected in two ways: by normal insulation on the wires inside, and by a housing that cannot conduct electricity to the operator in the event of a malfunction. 4 Choosing the wrong accessory or using an accessory incorrectly can result in serious injury. 4 Unplug tools before installing, adjusting and changing any accessory or attachment of any kind. And some of those chop the data up into separately priced upsells that drive the cost through the roof if you really want all of it.
Volunteers with My Neighbor in Need were put to work collecting donations to go toward a down payment. RSVP has been essential in recruiting volunteers to fulfill needs requests from the initial startup. Her devotion to the classroom continues after-school hours as she often sews elaborate doll clothes or aprons for the dramatic play area.
Now known at the District 7 Human Resources Development Council, the Billings community has benefitted from over 40 years of James’ work.
Some of their greatest work includes supporting the military through “Heroes at Home,” an evening out with a limo ride, dinner, and symphony tickets for women whose husbands are deployed, and creating and distributing Welcome Bags for new military families that move into the community.
She is always willing to get up in the middle of the night to respond to an accident, and then continue on to her job as a teacher with little sleep the next day.
The Office of Emergency Management also participated in a preparedness event on Malmstrom AFB in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Shakeout statewide earthquake drill.
Teri met with the school board, administrators, parents, cooks, and teachers to find the best way to start a breakfast program.  Before long, Fromberg students were enjoying a mid-morning breakfast, free of charge. 4 The wooden handles of tools shall be kept free of splinters or cracks and shall be kept tight in the tool.
4 It also means that these tools are softer, wear down more quickly than ordinary steel tools, and have to be dressed more frequently. They should understand the potential hazards as well as the safety precautions to prevent those hazards from occurring. 4 Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits and cutters. Care must be taken to assure that the spindle wheel will not exceed the abrasive wheel specifications.
4 Don't wear loose clothing, jewelry or dangling objects, including long hair, that may catch in rotating parts or accessories. A United States Marine Corps and United States Navy Reserve veteran, Chuck made his way across the country with a baby stroller filled with gears and supplies, and a sign that said “Walking for the Fallen.” Countless people stopped him along the way to hear what he had to say and to donate to the cause, or even provide him with a bed for the night.
They were able to serve 644 persons with 194 deliveries in 16 towns in SW Montana with the help of Christ Church in Sheridan and St. The person’s need was fulfilled and along came with it, requests for hundreds of others that needed help in the community.
With the help of RSVP and others, Dave recently launched My Student in Need, an online site where teachers can nominate students in need for assistance for school supplies, clothing, bikes and help with school fees. Some of his works on the board include improving Head Start, creating partnerships between public officials, low-income individuals and community representations to administer successful anti-poverty programs, and volunteering his legal expertise to start the Housing Authority and employment programs. They have also organized 4 military appreciation days where businesses put signs in their windows offering discounts or food for active and retired military members. Members of the community have expressed the times she provided comfort to family members that have lost loved ones, or given up her own holiday and family dinners when the community needed her most. Volunteers handed out flyers about the Shakeout and educated on safety precautions to take when the ground starts to shake. Teachers are pleased with the program because it does not interrupt the school day and has helped improve attendance and behavior. 4 Impact tools such as chisels, wedges, or drift pins are unsafe if they have mushroomed heads.
4 Due to the possibility of a wheel disintegrating (exploding) during start-up, the employee should never stand directly in front of the wheel as it accelerates to full operating speed. There is nothing wrong with a re-sharpened bit if done properly, but how do you know that is what you're getting? Many were inspired by Chuck’s motivation and honored to meet an individual so devoted to this cause. A crew member of Valerie’s has witnessed her crawl in ditches in the pitch black of the night, help people in deplorable situations with dignity, comfort babies, drive in blizzards and always care as if it were her family member she was helping. Malmstrom AFB Office of Emergency Management has plans to expand the program and collaborate more with other agencies to make the event on the base even bigger. Teri is a role model for others and we are grateful for her commitment to school breakfast, education and child health. A leader from the Blackfeet tribe was so honored to meet him that he gave Chuck a dream catcher to place on the Vietnam Wall in D.C. She takes special care in helping a child by being patient and not taking over the independence of the child when helping with activities. Volunteers also hope to spend next year giving out emergency supplies in addition to flyers and information. Since returning from his walk across the country, he continues to travel around Montana to raise public awareness and bring attention to veteran’s causes. Victoria says she loves volunteering in the classroom because she gets to see the children’s positive attitudes toward learning each and every day, and she loves to be a part of what makes them so happy.
Her continuous and daily commitments help make the Seeley Lake preschool classroom and community a better place.

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