This DVD is the second of four volumes in the Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Series by Thomas J.
When I first started trying to make friction fires, I didn't have much clue — and it wasn't until I saw this video that I finally got it right. AdvertisementWilderness awareness school is an awesome source of nature and survival resources, and internal (North American) and correspondence (any country) naturalist courses for adults and children. Please note that the main spindle shaft will not have the black woodburning artwork as seen in the photo above.
The price I was charging for the thumb loop hand drill in 2005 did not justify the amount of hours I spent making one and the cost of materials. This is definitely the best video I have seen on how to make bow drill and hand drill fires.

The cord used for the bow string is a static cord, which has been chosen specifically NOT to stretch like 550 para-cord (parachute cord). The main spindle shaft will have carved, cross hatched hand grooves or wrapped cordage, but no burnt artwork. Elpel and cousin Melvin Beattie venture into the Rocky Mountains to survive with whatever they can find and improvise from their surroundings. He also covers flint and steel fire starting and how to set up your fire so that it will light the first time (e.g.
From a reader's review, “This is, in my humble opinion, the BEST single source for Primitive Skills out there - PERIOD. If you've ever looked through a scientific journal or periodical, that is the basic layout for this book: a compendium of articles, each one detailing a different tool, task, method, or application of a primitive skill.

In order to make it worth my time to make one, I have to charge $75 for creating a hand-made thumb loop hand drill. You can take this out in the backyard and follow right along, and succeed!” I would agree completely.

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