Hand drills may be considered old-fashioned, but are still useful for woodworking and other tasks where you want to have total control.
A hand drill is a manual tool that converts and amplifies circular motion of the crank into circular motion of a drill chuck.
To safely use a hand drill, loosen the chuck and insert the appropriate drill bit, then tighten the chuck. Hand drills require little maintenance, but can be damaged by improper use, such as using the wrong drill bit or placing excess pressure on the tool. Home Repair Tools: Whether you prefer to use the Yellow Pages for anything that needs fixing around the house or consider yourself a regular do-it-yourselfer, there are a handful of tools that everyone should have in their tool box.

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Though it has been replaced in most applications by power drills, the hand drill is used by many woodworkers. For optimum efficiency, periodically place a drop of light oil on the crank pinions and in the chuck gear. The opposite end of the shaft has a second handle that is held stationary while the chuck turns. Place the bit's tip where you want to cut a hole, making sure the bit is at the same angle as the desired hole.

With smaller drill bits, be careful not to apply excess pressure on the handle or the bit may bend or break.

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