250k 0.6MM BGA Leaded-free Solder BallWe have all size of solder ball, including leaded solder ball and lead free solder ball. Simply fill out our Request A Quote form and we will email you, a quote for the parts you require.
We have strategic cooperation with Tianjin University, Hefei Optical Institute and other famous universities.ProductsTianqi Laser provides customers with a set of laser processing solutions and related facilities.

We have developed 3 major series and 16 models of Nd: YAG laser cutting machines in domestic market. Our products are widely applied in sheet metal processing, metal advertising billboard making, metal crafts, spectacle frames, spring, textile machinery, kitchenware, automotive industry, aerospace, medical industry, instrumentation and others. ServiceTianqi Laser has set up a marketing management center, 16 offices across our country and 3 branches worldwide.

Our technical engineers provide comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale support and service.In 2008, Tianqi Group became the Long-term OEM Supplier for the US McQuay Company, JP Daikin Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company and many other multinational companies.

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