Here in the land of disposable everything - I pick up out of fashion kitchen cabinets when people are doing a re-model.
But kitchen cabinets here are built as modular units - say standard 30" wide or whatever. Here we are also fortunate enough to have Harbor Freight where one can get perfectly serviceable 4" swivel casters for $5 on sale. I'm leaning towards a custom build solution today (it could change) basically because I want to have drawers and drawers and drawers.
The Matco cart has ball bearing slides, nice large casters and it will actually stay upright with all the drawers open. I'm therefore looking for lots of shallow drawers so I can put in foam drawer inserts and then cut holes in it for the tools that fit in that drawer. In another ideal world (where I have just won the lottery and can afford anything) which brand would you recommend? It doesn't take much to stop me from working on my cars and the extra bit of walking just gave me an excuse to take another break. Thanks I thought of something like that but as my garage has a bit of a step I think that it would still flex too much - it then has to be dragged over gravel. It is all a bit Heath Robinson and I still haven't undercoated all of it yet but with a few bits of plywood and some bits of 2 by 2 and some old flooring and some other odds and sods I've got me self a little bit better organised. I built a steel channel frame for them to sit on and got used shopping cart casters for the frames. Cost, not including my time and welding expense was less than $70 each including cabinet, steel channel, (old bed frame from salvage yard, shopping cart casters from salvage yard), and paint for frame. Down side: No deep drawers as in a true tool cabinet, and dependng on how you have them loaded they may be at risk of a tip over.
June 4, 2015 by Beautiful-Hair Are you looking for a nice way to straighten or style your hair?

Many people like the fact that you can easily adjust the temperature controls on this flat iron. Since it is designed to work on all hair types, the Andis 67770 may truly be one of the best flat irons on the market.
If you are looking for a high-quality flat iron at a reasonable price, you may want to consider the Conair Ceramic 2-Inch Hair Straightener.
According to several popular reviews, users like the fact that this flat iron heats up quickly and that your hair glides smoothly through it. Finding the best flat iron on the market is easy, but finding one that is reasonably-priced can be more challenging.
There are often very good reasons why all of the tools just get chucked back into the box or the bucket but it makes finding anything very very frustrating. I'm hoping that in this idealised world the weight of each drawer will not be so much that the cabinet will topple. I find it is very easy to spend lots of money these days - but whether you'll get value for money or not is a very different case. The twins are now big enough that we no longer need baby changing central so that extra s**t workstation got chopped up for a better cause - tools!
Fortunately, there are three particular flat irons that stand out from among the rest and that are actually reasonably-priced. To begin with, it is purple, which means that it will look quite stylish for anyone who uses it.
You can heat this iron up to 400 degrees to give you salon-style results, and since there are 20 different heat settings on the unit, you should be able to choose the setting that will work best for your hair type and your desired style. They also like the fact that you can use this flat iron to straighten or curl your hair depending on how you set it. The ceramic-coated plates are 2 inches wide and have been coated with ceramic so that they will heat up quickly and won’t cause any sort of damage to your hair.

They also appreciate the fact that this is a dual-voltage flat iron, because that means it will work even when you travel overseas. Therefore, if you want a good flat iron for cheap, just keep reading as we look at these three so you can see if any of them will benefit you. The ceramic plates on this flat iron are one inch long, so they should offer plenty of coverage for your hair. Finally, the unit only takes 30 seconds to heat up, which is why you’ll appreciate it, since you can start using it right away. The unit will heat up within 30 seconds after you turn it on, and since it has an automatic shutoff feature on it, you don’t have to worry about it starting a fire if you accidentally forget to turn it off.
If you invest in one of the three models listed above, then you will see the ways in which it will benefit you, and as a result, you will appreciate its features and functions and will be confident you made a good purchase decision.
Day-glo shapes of the tools are cut and applied to boards or drawers so that missing tools can be identified from each tool kit. Finally, there are 25 different heat settings on this unit, so you should be able to use it on just about every type of hair. Where I worked an aircraft was not allowed to fly until each tool was put back in its place. You can set the temperature controls on this iron quite easily, and it can get up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit for salon-style results. The unit has an automatic shutoff feature to keep you safe if you forget to power it off, and the swivel cord makes it easy to operate.

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