This will keep you more in the present and not getting to far ahead of yourself in a round of golf. This entry was posted in Golf Tips & Drills and tagged golf drill, golf swing, golf tip, improve power in golf swing on February 4, 2014 by admin. This entry was posted in Golf Tips & Drills and tagged bunker, golf ball, golf drill, golf swing, golf tip, improve my bunker play on February 4, 2014 by admin. This entry was posted in Golf Tips & Drills and tagged junior golf drills, junior golf tips on February 4, 2014 by admin. The David Fritz Golf Academy provides golf lessons and golf instruction in Oakville, Aurora, Richmond Hill and the surrounding area for golfers of all levels.
The term “top,” “topped shot” or “topping” means exactly what it sounds like – the club strikes the top half of the golf ball. A “thin” shot is similar, only the club makes contact slightly farther down on the ball, below the equator.
A topped ball goes almost straight down, usually bouncing along the ground for a short distance before petering out.
Adding insult to the injury of a poor result, both shots cause an unpleasant sound and sensation, sometimes causing the fingers to vibrate. I’ve put together a few more drills practice drills for your putting, to get you consistently hitting the center of the putter and making more putts, especially under pressure.

I wrote about this concept in a previous putting drills article and it’s a very important one. Try this repeatedly every time you practice your putting and you’ll quickly start putting more consistently under pressure.
Problem: Have you ever noticed then when you’re nervous about a putt you tend to leave the putter face open and cut across it causing a push out to the right? Solution: For most right-handers, the right hand is dominant in putting, meaning the left hand is passive and follows the direction of the right. Drill: From about 4-5 ft out drop several balls and putt them in to the hole with your right hand only. Setting small achievable goals during your round can help with your focus, regulate mental up and downs and can keep you more in the present. Andrews Valley Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario shows you a simple drill for better extension and increased power. Andrews Valley Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario teach you how to hit better bunker shots with this interesting tip. Whether you are taking a private golf lesson, group golf clinic or participating in one of our golf camps - we are committed to improving your golf game. A thin shot actually gets airborne, but flies with a low or line-drive trajectory and no backspin.

This series of video and text lessons will help you eliminate these mishits from your golf game.
When you’re on the practice green, take a penny or a ball marker and place it on the green and put the ball on top of it. The cause of this is a tightening of grip pressure causing the right hand to not release properly through the putt and keep it on the intended line (yes, the putter opens and closes slightly through the stroke). You’ll quickly feel that sensation of release through the stroke, which is key under pressure. One of the most important stops is learning and adopting the skills that will help you be tough mentally through situations you encounter of the golf course . Watch as David shows you how to practice a drill with one hand that will improve your golf swing. Make a putt of any distance and make sure you keep your eyes down in exactly the same position so after the ball as been hit, you’re looking directly at the penny or ball marker.
I’d like to share with you some practice time suggestions…Top Ten Mental Game of Golf Tips 1.

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