As you've probably found out already, Keiba offered two different compound joint pliers (diagonal cutter and combination pliers). Since you're in Europe you could try contacting Dictum to see if they can order them for you. As an alternate source, and if available in your country, these can be found under the KTC brand name as well. Snap-on's flank drive patent was 1966 (Utica-Bonney's Loc-Rite patent was earlier at 1964) and seems to have been developed to comply with the new aerospace standard.
Just as i suspected they're dry except for a light coating of oil which is probably more there to stop rust during storage rather than to lubricate. I learned that the Bahco outlet store was open again this summer, trying to empty the last of the stock. Two Acesa Ball Peen hammers, a small one and a large one (225 and 910 g heads from what I have found).
If they made a little electricians tool kit in these things and put a few more small areas for connectors they'd be damned handy.

Will order up some super lube and give them all a dose and i bet that will go a long way to the feel.
Interesting how Amazon is one of the highest price retailers, i was expecting it to be around $75-$80. Thats why I purchased a smaller version for smaller jobs but I think I also need a even smaller one.
I like these cases quite a bit but its certainly a lot more wasted space than a socket rail. I'll have to crack one open and see if there is any lubricant inside, so far they've only shown that there is quite a bit of machine oil in them as they've drooled quite a bit.
The spring is also incredibly stiff and while im not a big fan of it and wont do it here i bet one could take a coil or two off it and make it even smoother. All items with brand name are property of our customers and none of these productsA are onA sell by the GTC. Didnt need more ratchets, just wanted to give these a try and honestly there doesnt seem to be anything special about these other than being made in Germany.

Its not really a secret but i have to reiterate past comments on the cover plate, damn thing is thick! Please do not submit any requests for the purchase of products with the logo of our clients. Hazet makes some nice round heads as well that are much more modern in tooth count and smoothness of the mechanism but im more of a fan of the teardrop design.
The design of the reverse lever is a bit unique as it uses a square drive via a hole directly through the pawl and cover plate.

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