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Gang Rip Circular Saw Blades 2+2 Carbide Chip Clearance Rakers, 25° Hook Flat Top (FT) Grind, In-Stock & Ready to Ship Today! Each model of our industrial saw blades has been developed with its own grade of materials (carbide and saw plate), its own cutting geometry (grind, hook angle, kerf) and its own operational enhancements (copper noise reducing plugs, cooling slots). The XL4000 seriesa€™ precision-ground, corrosion resistant tips cut up to five times longer than conventional saw blades.
The XL4000 Extended Life saw blades have been specifically engineered for cutting solid surface materials such as solid woods, plastics, non-ferrous, laminates and other solid surface materials. 2          7’          FRICK STYLE MANDRELS COMPLETE MODIFIED FOR DIRECT COUPLED MOTOR INCLUDING ONE 200 HP MANDREL MOTOR.  INCLUDES SAW GUIDE. Description:Diamond muti-segment use for welding big saw blade, use for cut granite and marble. Description:Bi-metal Hole Saws with HSS teeth are rugged cutting tools designed to cut accurate holes in machinable up to 38mm or 44mm thick. Description:For the precision cutting of natural stones, the gang saw blades of variable dimensions and capacities are serving all types of marbles and other material plants (except granite) for well shaped blocks. Grinding is your one stop source for all of your industrial saw blade and woodworking needs.

Grinding is a distributor of FS Tool Corporation and offers over 200 precision saw blades for high volume manufacturing.
While abrasion is always a factor in the wear of any tool, it is not as significant to the wear of carbide saw teeth as commonly believed. When corrosive elements in wood break up the binder, the carbide particles break away, pitting the cutting edge and thus making the tooth dull.
The Extended Life seriesa€™ custom-tensioned saw bodies significantly increase run times, reducing downtime and associated costs such as resharpening, extra backup tooling, retipping and tool replacement.
Grinding carries a large inventory of FS Tool Corporationa€™s LH series Pro-Line saw blades, which are manufactured with the same state of the art machinery and attention to detail as our other lines of saw blades. Grinding is proud to offer our California, Arizona and Nevada customers the most technologically advanced saw blades, router bits and band saw blades. Grinding, we sharpen every variety of circular saw blades, preserving original specifications.
Customer's logo will be welcome to be imprinted or embossed on our products for retail, promo or gift purposes.
The structure of the machine tool is reasonable with stable and reliable performance and high precision. We offer our customers in CA, AZ and NV three different lines of circular saw blades, all of which are unmatched in quality.

Grinding products, our professional saw blades combine an advanced design, premium materials and modern construction techniques.
A major breakthrough has proven that corrosion, not abrasion, is the major factor in the wear of carbide teeth. FS Tool Corporationa€™s premium quality industrial blades are the result of years of experience and know-how. C-4 Micron Carbide is specially designed to resist chemical corrosion, a major wear factor when cutting wood products made with adhesives, such as particle board and MDF.
The professional line of saw blades is designed for portable machines as well as stationary table saws. Our approach is minimally invasive in order to protect and extend the overall life span of saws.
If you are based in CA, AZ or in NV and you need to purchase or sharpen a saw blade, contact us today for immediate service and consultation.

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