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The Fiskars hand drills that I used to get from discarded brain surgery kits at TJU work pretty well. Left hand ratchet-crank turns drill chuck left, ratchets (chuck stopped) in the other direction.

Right hand ratchet-crank turns drill chuck right, ratchets (chuck stopped) in the other direction. I've rebuild my two completely from the ground up, they are a marvel of mechanical engineering. Keep the transmission lubricated, avoid lubricating the main gear unless you like dirty oil spots on your clothing. One has been in our family since new (circa 1911), the other I picked up on ebay from a well-meaning "restorer" for $40-ish. Some Yankee drill chucks are configured for tapered bit brace shank, like the bit & brace drills.
I almost ALWAYS research (my wife would say over-research) any purchase I make but this was a spur of the moment thought.

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