For use at the construction site or in the workshop, FEIN rotary drills can be used in combination with flexible electromagnetic drill jigs. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Work with extreme precision, even where space is tight: with the FEIN fillet weld sander KS 10-38 E. The FEIN MultiMaster features the FEIN QuickIN rapid change system for changing accessories conveniently and without the use of tools. MultiMaster TOP also features a profile sanding set, a tool box, a dust extraction device and a wide range of accessories. The eight-star tool holder on the FMM250 ensures a reliable transfer of torque with its form-fitting tool mount. The HSS saw blade with wood toothing, 100 mm diameter and 66 teeth transforms the MultiMaster into an oscillating mini circular saw.
A table and drill jig fixing is available to allow the FEIN MultiMaster to be used as a stationary tool.
Since 1986, the FEIN MultiMaster has been selling with enormous success all over the world. Easy-to-use and curve-compatible slitting shears for distortion-free cutting Rapid work progress due to excellent view of the cutting line through the open-fronted cutting head.
We are one-of-its-kind online platform, featuring an exclusive range of utility products for all industrial purposes. FeaturesThe universal system for interior fitting and renovation with basic equipment for the most common applications. This results in professional tool solutions that allow you to work as efficiently as possible in any given situation.

If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. An extensive range of accessories gives users tremendous versatility in tackling different applications.
The set includes the MultiMaster FMM 250, a sanding pad, unperforated, a universal E-Cut saw blade, a fixed stopper knife, a wrench, mounting bolts and sanding sheets. In addition to the START set, the SELECT set also includes a carbide-tipped segment saw blade and an HSS saw blade.
The greater speed stability under load allows operators to work 25% to 30% faster in many applications than with the previous model. Long, straight and clean cuts can be made in hard wood, plastic, Fermacell, fibreglass-reinforced plastic and many laminates. More than 40 years of experience in oscillating power tools have gone into the current FEIN MultiMaster. Left and right curve cuts and distortion-free cutting possible with just one continuous chip.
Industrybuying began its operations during 2013, with an objective to inculcate and introduce the concept of industrial supply chains in India. This includes, for example, drilling with twist and core bits, countersinking, reaming and tapping in horizontal, vertical or overhead work. The versatile and precise special tool assists professionals working on interior fittings, tile restoration, window restoration, laying floor coverings or assembling furniture. The metal drive head features two threaded bores arranged in parallel to provide a stable mechanical interface. When the HSS saw blade is combined with the depth stop, laid parquet can be easily and accurately sawn out.

Since the work piece is now guided to the permanently fixed MultiMaster, more precise sawing, sanding, filing and sharpening can now be carried out. The MultiMaster sets underline FEIN’s status as the market leader for oscillating power tools.
Currently our website maintains a fully catalogued collection of over 1.5 Lac SKUs, from brands across global geographies. The optional system accessories ensure perfect functionality and efficient working even in difficult situations, such as drilling on pipes, in anti-magnetic materials or on textured surfaces.
The MultiMaster can also easily handle repair work on cars and boats as well as model building work. One single tool can sand, profile sand, rasp, polish, saw, shave, cut, cut out, file and sharpen.
By simply opening a clamp, the accessories can be removed, inserted and adjusted in five to ten seconds without any wrenches or turning. The table and drill jig fixing can also be used as a sturdy table bracket for drills with a 43 mm collar.
The area around the slide switch of the FEIN MultiMaster has been fitted with a non-slip and easy-to-grip lining, making it a soft grip zone.

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