IDEAL FOR DEMOLITIONThe heavy-duty RAGE8® cuts metal conduit, copper pipe and PVC tubing, as well as wood, nail-embedded wood and plasterboard.
PERFECT FOR FLUSH CUTSFlush cutting is only possible when using the highly flexible bi-metal blades supplied. SAVES WORK & TIMEThe RAGE8® is work-saving and perfect for plunge cuts on soft building materials such as plasterboard, where electrical socket holes are required - time to drop the tedious hammer and chisel method! QUICK BLADE CHANGEFour blades engineered for different materials are supplied as thin steel, multipurpose for demolition work, green wood for tree-limb cutting and a clean-wood cutting blade for smooth cuts.
Why would you buy a saw that only cuts wood?When you can buy a RAGE8® Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw!
Bij het zagen van staal laat het onmiddellijk een werkbare afwerking achter, zonder hitte, braam en bijna geen vonken te creA«ren; in tegenstelling tot alternatieve methodes. Samengesteld kantel - en schuifmechanisme, voor sneden met een brede hoek, biedt u een oplossing voor vrijwel alle veel voorkomende oplossingen.

Laserbegeleiding voor optimale nauwkeurigheid en een robuuste behuizing voor verbeterde duurzaamheid.
Het optionele diamantzaagblad transformeert deze verstekzaag in een schuivende tegelsnijder!
Adjustable footplate (up to 45° right and left) allows bevel cutting - a very useful feature when cutting and fitting skirting board, architrave or coving. Fitted with a quick release, tool-less chuck, which gives very rapid and easy installation or removal of the blade. A multipurpose jigsaw blade capable of cutting a wide variety of materials such as Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastics, is included with this machine.
The high-powered, high-speed RAGE8® is the ideal saw used by demolition and construction workers, fitters and emergency crews. These allow you to cut-off unwanted protruding material such as redundant joists, brackets and pipes very close to a surface, for an amazing flush-finish.

The variable-speed above the soft-grip handle offers you the control you need to make precise cuts.
Removal (or installation) of the edge guide is easy, enabling a quick return to free hand cutting when required. Ce sont generalement les frais de port minimum qui sont affiches, et il faut les rajouter au prix TTC pour obtenir le prix total. Dial the speed you need, and then, for great operator convenience lock the trigger in place.

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