For thousands or years frankincense has been know by the ancient world for its healing and spiritual properties. Weldmart-Online LLC now offers the tools that every welder should have to diagnose and adjust their machines. For less than half the price of an hour in the mechanics shop, you can have the tool you need to check the most critical criteria of your engine. If all cylinders have around 130 PSI the machine will not produce a true 200 amps and 40 volts.
The one tool that every welder needs to make the most important adjustment on a SA200 (or any engine driven welding machine). Our Essential Online Tools - Part I - H is for Home Harbinger Skip to content H is for Home Harbinger Primary Menu Our Essential Online Tools – Part I Hello! When I joined Buffer, one of the things I was most excited about was seeing how we can get a lot done with a distributed team. Here are some of the products and services we use every day to help us stay connected and get things done. Trello is a great way to visually manage your workflow, and collaborate with others to keep track of what’s getting done. We use Trello to manage the workflow in almost every area —for example, we have Trello boards for our engineering team and our support team.
For the Buffer blog, we use a Trello board to keep track of our ideas and the posts we’re working on. We use Buffer to share a mixture of content from the Buffer blog and content we find elsewhere on the web that we think our followers will find useful and interesting. We recently found that our engagement on Twitter increased when we posted images, thanks to Twitter showing them inline now. Sqwiggle is a video chat tool that helps you stay in touch with your team when you’re working remotely. Replies are threaded like a normal email conversation, but they’re not automatically assigned to anyone in particular.
We can also tag emails which helps us keep track of customers who have requested a particular feature or noticed a bug, so we can keep them in the loop of any updates. Our other main support tool is Sparkcentral, which helps us keep on top of Tweets sent to (or about) Buffer. Sparkcentral threads replies, similar to email, which makes it really easy to see the whole conversation at once.
It also does some neat things for us automatically, like splitting our Tweets up for us when we make them too long (guilty!) and adding our names at the end of each Tweet we send. Something that both Sparkcentral and Help Scout do well is to show us when someone else is viewing or replying to a customer, so we don’t all jump into the same conversation. Hackpad is a collaborative document-editing tool, which lets us create and save documents that we can all view and work on together. We use Hackpad for writing up meeting notes, working on new copy and sharing the results of any testing we do on the product.
When we collaborate on a document, our names get added so that it’s clear to see who wrote which parts.
Something we specifically added to this daily routine is the inclusion of our current self-improvement. This is a really great way we’ve found to keep us accountable to our goals and to share support and suggestions around our improvements. We all get a daily email from iDoneThis that we can reply to, so that we don’t even have to visit the website.

We also get a daily digest email which shows us what everyone else has entered for the day. When burned in a Young Living resin burner, the frankincense vapor creates a sacred atmosphere that enhances meditation, reduces stress and tension, and uplifts one spiritually. A Continental F-162 or F-163 engine should have 140 pounds per cylinder; no cylinder should be higher or lower than 10% of the other cylinders. The Lincoln SA series welders arc characteristics are dependent on the welder RPM and engine torque. Reading the engine intake manifold vacuum is akin to your doctor taking your blood pressure. I knew that Buffer was specifically set up to work this way and I was curious about seeing that play out. We also take advantage of the built-in analytics to see what kind of posts work best, and what times we should schedule our updates for.
With Buffer’s analytics, we can keep an eye on the data as we continue to experiment with post types and new features like this. Every few seconds, Sqwiggle takes a screenshot of you so your colleagues can see that you’re around, and just by clicking on another person you can join a quick conversation with them.
One thing we do every day to keep us in touch with each other is to pair up with another team member to talk about what we’re working on for Buffer and what our current self-improvement challenges are. Rather than syncing up via email or HipChat first and then joining each other in a Hangout, we can quickly jump in and out of conversations in Sqwiggle, just like if we stopped by one another’s desks.
This is a team chat tool which lets us create different chat rooms (for instance, one for design, one for support, one for announcements) as well as having 1-on–1 conversations. This is where we say hello in the morning, share photos or press about Buffer, and discuss any company-wide issues or ideas.
In the screenshot above, you can see a whole bunch of notifications from Help Scout, our support email tool (coming up next!).
Help Scout is the one we use to manage support emails, which all of our team members take part in.
We often take over conversations with customers from other team members, in order to keep our support times as fast as possible. One great use-case of Hackpad is that Leo and I have recently started working on a style guide for the Buffer blog.
It’s a shared work-diary, essentially, that lets us share what we get done each day.
Each entry can be liked and commented on, which is a great way to stay in touch with what everyone else is working on and generate discussions about our work at Buffer. Each week we pick a self-improvement challenge to focus on, such as running, yoga, reading or blogging.
You can set what time you’d like to get these emails, which makes iDoneThis fit in really well with our routines.
The Lincoln SA series welders arc characteristics are dependent on the welder RPM and engine torque, a vacuum gauge is the simplest tool to check the engine. Lincoln®, SA-200, Weld'N Power, Ranger, Power Arc, and related product names are registered trademarks and property of The Lincoln Electric Corporation. It contains all our favourite books divided up into sections like Scandinavian Design, Illustration & Graphic Design and Shopping Vintage. We get paired up with someone new each week, so this helps us to connect to everyone in the team. Help Scout has a great feature that lets us add notes (as you can see below) so that when another team member takes over, they’re always in the loop.

This helps our Happiness Heroes to stay focused on customer support while specific queries get handed over to the right person.
After we’re done, we archive the conversation and move on to the next Tweet in the list. We also get an email digest once a week with links to all of the new Hackpad documents that were created during the week, so we can see what’s new in different areas of Buffer. We detail our progress both in our daily pair calls in Sqwiggle, and in our iDoneThis entries for the rest of the team to see. I used to get my digest email in the morning before I started work, for instance, but now I get it around dinner time, so I can read it while I’m winding down after work instead.
It works a lot like a shared inbox, making our process really clear and simple so we can focus on helping our customers. There’s also a mobile phone and tablet app so you have access to your files on the move too. Bagging yourself a bargain has become nigh on impossible due to the huge volume of buyers trawling the site. Although it also means that anything you list for sale will almost certainly find its true worth.
This makes it the best tool for finding out the value of something you’ve picked up at a charity shop or boot sale. I use it as a safe, online place to save things like to do lists, and it syncs between your desktop, mobile phone, tablet and the Evernote website. You can even drag & drop images into notes and take snippets of websites that catch your eye. No, it doesn’t bring me my morning latte in bed (if only there was an app that did that!). It automatically loads all my most frequently visited websites in separate tabs, all in one go. Whenever we get in a pickle and somehow break our blog (usually caused by Adelle’s over-tinkering!) their live chat service is always a life saver. You just open an instant message window and someone comes to your aid… usually within a minute. There are also lots of niche groups to join or start… on every which subject you could imagine. Great for visual inspiration too!Google – Google needs its own sub-section, I use so many of their tools!• Alerts -Want to know what people are saying about you? It also lets you know when a new post has gone live.• Translate – The trend for vintage is a global phenomenon! There are lots of bloggers & website owners, especially in Japan, Brazil, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, who buy, sell and blog about vintage homewares. Some of the tools require a lot of technical knowledge, but others are suitable for the more intermediate user! As of 15 November 2012 however, Mad Mimi is extending its free service from a mailing list limited to 100 sends to one of a whopping 2,500 contacts with 12,500 sends – more than ample for us!
Prior to using this tool I’d never heard of tangelo and gamboge!Do you use any of these? Sorry if I am missing something, but I was trying to play with the tool you use for your Tuesday Huesday posts (I love them!) and I can't seem to work out where to upload the pics.

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