COPPER ELECTRICAL GROUND ROD 4FTThe Fi-Shock Copper-Coated Ground Rod with Clamp is the perfect accessory to ensure that your electric fence system remains properly grounded for effective usage.
AMP50 220V,110V Electric Magnetic Low Pressure Electromagnetic Air Pump AMP50 Electric Brushless Motor Air Brush Pump We not just make pump, we make power. Electric Magnet Brake AC 3 Phase Motor for Pumps , Fans , Crushers Description: YEJ series brake motors are totally-closed squired-age three-phase induction motors with DC disc electro-magnetic brake and new series of the brake motor designed in China. The Power Focus 4000 range controls tools from the Tensor DS, S, ST, STB, STR and ETX families. Supports software key (RBU, rapid backup unit) Silver, Gold and X to run an electrical assembly tool simplifying functionality upgrade. A test certificate tells you that the tool has been tested and passed our requirements in the factory.
The Leader in tool maintenance for industry Atlas Copco service is a proven cost-saver in your production. With today’s high demands on minimizing downtime for our customers, we focus on specialized workshops that can handle quick repairs and complete overhauls in the most cost-efficient way.
With our network of calibration laboratories we can offer a complete package of calibration services to help you control quality for all assembly tools and measurement equipment in your production. Like other machines, Atlas Copco industrial power tools need regular maintenance in order to fulfill their full potential in terms of performance and reliability. Our Full Coverage option keeps your power tools in top operating condition and gives you a fixed budget for all tool maintenance. We have extensive experience of outsourcing solutions and currently have more than 75 on-site workshops.

When an animal touches the charged fence wire or polytape, the charge passes through its body and into the earth to the ground rod, which completes the circuit.
Apply forMedical massage equipment, Medical Nebulizers, Expanding fragrant machine, Air bed, Massage chair, Legs machine and other products. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. With its built-in functions, it also participates in controlling the station or line segment. The savings you can expect from running a service program depend on the type of production you have in your plant.
To do that we keep a large inventory of spare parts in stock, and we have upgraded with factory fixtures and test equipment to increase our efficiency. An absolute must for every technician looking for a fast and accurate solution to electrical system diagnostics. The Power Focus and associated software packages provide easy-to-understand information for everyone, from operators to plant managers.
External USB port for simple and fast communication to programming software ToolsTalk PF Graph version gives you full stand-alone programming possibilities featuring a color display and a full keyboard. Many factors are taken into consideration, including: Line assembly, work at fixed stations, frequency of tool use, tool types, applications, and work environment. With all this, plus certified mechanics dedicated to specific tool models, we’ve minimized lead times and improved the quality of each repair. To develop the optimum service program for your specific manufacturing operation, take advantage of our unique ToolScan RCM process.

In either case Atlas Copco’s specialists are there every step of the way to help you focus on quality and efficiency.
Main Performance- Rated Voltage- No Load At Maximum Efficiency At Stall Speed Current Speed Current Torque Output Eff.
The Power Focus is based on standard hardware and software components which, when combined, will fulfill all demands, from the most basic stand-alone installation to full integration into the factory network.
When networked, the Graph can function as a programming terminal for other Power Focus units besides excellent operator feedback with diverse visualization options. With your production up and running our service programs will help keep you online with minimum interruptions. On receipt of assembly information, the Power Focus automatically selects the correct tightening sequence and parameters. The operator is guided through the process, avoiding mistakes that can result in costly quality problems. Power Focus is a modular range of controllers, with full flexibility, designed for applications ranging from single spindle hand-held operations to fixtured multiple nutrunnning systems.
Advanced process control and monitoring functions make it easy to view and collect data using the Internet infrastructure.

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