Major components of electrical power plant are Generator and its auxiliaries, Extra High Voltage (EHV) Substation, Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Cables, UPS Systems, Battery banks. Extra High Voltage (EHV) switch-yard acts as interface between the power plant electrical system and electrical grid.
Adequate number of transmission lines are provided for evacuating the power from generating station.
Busbars, Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Earth Switches, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, Surge arresters, wave trap, CVTs, Lightning arresters etc.
Electrical Generator converts mechanical energy input to electrical energy and delivers power to power plant electrical system and to grid.
Generator Circuit Breaker is placed in between the generator terminals and Generator Step-up transformer. Generator Transformer, Start-up transformer, and Unit Auxiliary Transformers are the power transformers employed in the power plant. This transformer is used for step-up the voltage for transmission of power to the grid when power plant generator is in operation. This transformer connects distribution of power plant electrical system to electrical grid. Distribution system arrangement for the  power plant electrical system consists of 6.6kV buses, 415V buses and DC buses. Power plant Low Voltage (LV) system (415 V) is connected from power plant High voltage (6.6kV) buses through distribution auxiliary transformers. Power plant electrical system consists of some emergency loads such as generator and turbine lubrication pumps, power supply to instrumentation and controls in main control room and in substation control room, emergency lighting and computer systems. AC power in any electric circuit is the rate of flow of energy at a specific part of that electric circuit. Electric power energy that oscillates between source and load is known as reactive power while completely utilized electrical power energy is known as real power. In this article we shall have detailed discussion on something that is very common for Electrical Engineers and you must know about it “Power Factor”. In an AC distribution system, the maximum active power is transmitted to a load when voltage and current are undistorted and in phase. We also have Bitesize study guides covering many subjects at National 4 and National 5 on our Knowledge & Learning BETA website. At pumped storage hydroelectric stations water is pumped back into the reservoir when there are periods of low power demand. This stores energy and during higher demand periods the water can be allowed to flow back down to produce electricity just like a normal power station. Listen to this audio clip to find out about environmentally friendly alternatives to electricity.
This project illustrates how to install an “Old Work” Low Voltage Mounting Bracket for a RJ-45 Ethernet jack network connection.

This tutorial explains how to install a Leviton ODS10 Occupancy Sensor Wall Switch that is compatible with any light, including Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and incandescent light bulbs. This project explains how to repair a ceiling fan that won’t turn by replacing a blown motor capacitor. This tutorial explains how to replace a shorted electrical outlet and repair the burnt and charred wire insulation. This project explains how to wire a closet light with Wiremold metal raceway to extend power from an existing electrical outlet in this installment of How To Build a Basement Closet. This project explains how to wire a closet light with Wiremold metal raceway by extending power from an existing electrical outlet in this installment of How To Build a Basement Closet. This project explains how to cut and install the ceiling drywall for the ceiling electrical box in this installment of How To Build a Basement Closet. This project explains how to wire a closet light in this phase of How To Build a Basement Closet.
This project shows how to wire a light switch after the switch box wiring rough-in in this phase of How To Build a Basement Closet. Power plant switch-yard can be AIS (Air Insulated Switch-yard) type which is conventional switch-yard or can be GIS (Gas Insulated Switch-yard) type. In addition to providing protection to the generator, GCB provides electrical supply path from electrical grid to power plant electrical system when generator is not in operation by opening Generator Circuit Breaker. HV winding of start-up transformer is connected to switchyard bus and LV winding is connected to power plant 6.6V bus. 6.6kV buses (4 in numbers) are connected from secondary windings of unit auxiliary transformers and secondary windings of stat-up transformers. Small motor loads, Power Control Centers and other static loads are connected to 415 V buses. In order to provide supply to these emergency loads UPS and battery banks are used to supply the power. As we all know, the electric energy flow from the generation side toward the consumer load side.
Both the reactive power and real or active or true power are related with the apparent or total power through the following figure. Here we will deeply examine what we actually mean by the term Power Factor and why it is so important in our field.
The Meter-Treater whole house surge protector is a first line of defense for stopping power surges before it enters the house. Now that I’ve traced the old branch circuit, it’s time to disconnect the power before replacing the circuit breaker and wiring.
Ground Fault Circuit Breaker I bought an Eaton Cutler-Hammer Type BR 20 AMP Ground Fault Circuit Breaker, Part # GFCB120CS, that is approved for my Cutler-Hammer BR3040L200 panel for the new under kitchen sink branch circuit.
Having removed the old branch circuit wiring and electrical outlet, I’m ready to pull nylon fish tape from the kitchen sink cabinet through the basement crawlspace back to the circuit breaker panel.

Since I’ll be working in the main circuit breaker panel, I shutoff the electricity to the house at the 150 AMP main disconnect on the outdoor electric meter box. At this point the circuit wiring is complete for the under kitchen sink outlet and I turned on the electricity at the 150 AMP service disconnect switch at the outdoor electric meter box. Lighting Automation The back room in my basement storage area has a light switch at the far side next to the exterior doors. Old Toggle Light Switch Removal With the circuit breaker Off to disconnect the electricity from the light circuit, the side screw terminals are loosened to remove the two black wires.
Total cost of the repair was $12 for a new motor capacitor ($8 for the capacitor plus $4 shipping). Electrical Outlet Hissing Noise The problem started when my son complained of hearing a hissing or sizzling noise from a wall outlet in his bedroom and temporarily losing power to some of the other outlets and lights.
See the previous project which illustrates the drywall installation and ceiling electrical box wiring rough-in. This transformer provides  electrical supply path to power plant electrical system from grid supply during starting of the plant.
Major loads such as large motors, distribution auxiliary transformers are connected to power plant high voltage buses. During normal operation of the plant, UPS systems and battery banks are charged with normal power supply deriving from 415V buses of the plant. But some part of this energy is bounce back to generation side and some part is completely utilized by the load. The ground screw is loosened to disconnect the bare copper ground wire from the toggle switch. Motors driving large pumps such as Boiler Feed Pumps, Condenser cooling water pumps etc whose rating above 200kW are connected to 6.6kV buses.
All the loads are connected to high voltage buses (6.6kV buses) through cables and circuit breakers.
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