In 1997, I traded my two gas chain saws for an electric model, and I’ve never regretted it. I have cut 80% of the wood for my stove with an electric chainsaw (Remington $65 at Tractor Supply) for the past Three years. Thermal Commutator for Electric Saws for High Temperature, View commutator, kava commutator Product Details from Chongqing Kava Auto Electrical Co., Ltd. Here you can find much information about Metal Saw Electric Saw manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. My electric saw emits no exhaust and requires no maintenance other than refilling the chain-oil reservoir and sharpening the chain.
It has good heft and a solid feel, as well as an impressive chain brake that activates when the operator’s left hand bumps against the left hand guard.
When I'm out in the woods I cut everything to 6 and 8 foot lengths to fit in my truck and trailer. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. With just a flip of the switch, my electric saw shuts off, providing welcome silence while I reposition logs.

I’ve used the 180C to cut through the notoriously dense, hard crotch wood of a 20-inch-diameter maple. As an added safety feature, the chain brake is activated by inertia if the chain ever catches on the topside of the bar, suddenly pushing the saw toward the operator. However, because the oil is gravity-fed, the oil tank must be emptied after each work session; otherwise, it will drain onto your storage surface. Then stack it at home and cut to stove length with the electric, as needed or at my leisure.
Also, unlike a gas-powered saw, my electric always starts.In contrast, long after using my gas-powered saws, I could still smell the exhaust in my nostrils. The electric doesn't spin as fast but has more torque and will power through anything the blade will fit, without bogging down. To keep a gas saw running well, you must dispose of stale fuel, mix fresh gas with engine oil, adjust carburetor settings, and occasionally replace a faulty spark plug or a broken starter cord.
Most outdoor circuits are 15-amp, and cords lose amperage the longer they run from the source. Or you are a Metal Saw Electric Saw manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.

Besides, unused fuel left in a saw for a season or two tends to gum up, which can damage the carburetor. Under load, saw motors overheat unless the cord is of sufficient gauge and shortness to maintain sufficient amperage. Also, gas saws generally weigh up to 2 pounds more than comparably powered electrics.Electric saws have drawbacks too, most notably the limited work space imposed by the length of their cords. Saws rated in the 7- to 12-amp range can work at distances up to 150 feet, with a specified cord.
This means you will need to be a bit more patient with an electric as its chain works its way through wood.
Thus, I’ll simply describe the three as alternatives to gas saws, rather than evaluate them head-to-head. Measured at ear level, the noise from all three saws ranged between 89 and 96 decibels (dB), strongly indicating need for hearing protection.

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