But on the other hand, one can do much more, or at least faster, with it compared to the manual saw. Thousands ofhomeowners havesaved HUNDREDS of dollarsbytrimming their own trees with this unique MANUAL (no gas or electric motor) pole saw. Thistelescopic pole saw has a smooth fiberglass handle, two aluminum extension tubes and a quick, heavy-duty locking system. A frequently asked question--Is the pole saw too flimsy to operate or cut a branch when it is out the full 27 feet?
You may consider using a ladder to reach the branch of a tree that is just too high for you with a regular chainsaw, however, it’s hard to keep stability and balance to operate a saw in this situation.
Featuring an adjustable shaft for an overall length of 9 ft, this Ryobi Electric Pole Saw allows you to trim your high limbs and branches without ever leaving the ground. Featuring a very efficient 6 Amp electric motor that powers through most tree pruning tasks, this pole saw also provides excellent access with the telescoping pole attachment capable of up to just over 10 feet of reach. This professional pole saw is equipped with a powerful 33cc engine, and 6 feet long straight shaft, providing an average operating height of 12 feet to help you trim and prune trees quickly.
MTM Pole Pruner makes it a breeze to finish the toughest garden jobs with the class-leading power of the 62cc engine combining with an adjustable extension.
This entry was posted in Chain Saws and tagged best pole chain saw, chain saw, pole, pole chain saw on August 13, 2013 by longer. The tubular pole has a simple twist lock telescopic action, vinyl coated and extends to 2mtrs. The main reason that we need to trim and prune is to keep our hedges and shrubs happy and healthy. There are a few rules of thumb to help you decide the best time of year for trimming and pruning and it comes down to when the shrub and hedge flowers. For all non-flowering shrubs and hedges such as boxwood and cedar it is best to wait until the buds have fully developed with leaves. Formal hedges are quite common in Vancouver, and are usually grown using types of conifers such as yew or cedar, or broad-leafed evergreens such as English laurel, holly or boxwood. When trimming, it is ideal to make the hedge a little wider at the bottom to allow all areas of the hedge to receive sunlight. In the broad-leaf evergreen category, English laurel and holly also benefit from both a late spring and early fall trimming. For boxwoods the best time for Vancouver gardens to trim for shape is spring just around the end of May to the first week of June and then again in the fall. Jessica has spent over ten years in the landscaping industry in nursery production, landscape maintenance and garden centre sales. Looks like most of the work on the tree in the video was done from the ground with just lopers and a pruning saw.

Notice the attached photo.The 27' length of the pole saw allows the user to stand safely clear of the branch he is cutting.
Answer--NO.As in the picture above, simply let the weight of the poleand the sharpsaw blade do thework for you. The included Tap N Go® head attachment allows you to turn the pole saw into a curved-shaft string trimmer. MTM boasts unparalleled levels of quality and features commercial grade quick connect couplings equipped with dual ball-bearing floating centers. Spring pruning is required to remove any winter damage or dead limbs, and it is also important to remove any diseased sections. If the shrub is spring flowering then trim after the flowering is complete in the early summer. That said, it is still fine to do minor trimming and pruning all summer long to keep your shrubs and hedges looking good.  Choose overcast days for this type of work to avoid sun scorching the leaves.
As I mentioned, it is important to cut out the dead branches right at the base of growth and although the plants may be flowering plants, informal hedges are allowed to grow naturally so that their shape isn’t spoiled, however that doesn’t mean that they never get pruned.
Conifer hedges, which include cedar and yew hedges, perform best when they are trimmed in both June and September. It is really important with Boxwoods to not cut them in hot sunlight as they have a tendency to get scorched which looks terrible as the hedge takes on a brown crispy-leaf look. On most plants (yew, privet and rhododendron are exceptions), if you cut back into bare wood, new leaves won’t sprout.
I am a petite woman of reasonable strength and use simple power tools regularly like sanders, circular saw etc.
If a standard length pole pruner (12' typically) was being usedto cut the same branch, the operator would have to stand directly under the branch to make the cut and then make a fast escape when the limb falls. Comes with a long handle for attaching your chainsaw, the pole chainsaw makes it possible to prune your trees without having to climb on top of a ladder. There is an in-line motor for precise pruning, and the angled head provides ultimate control.
The Earthwise PS40008 Corded Electric Pole Saw also features an automatic chain tensioning device and automatic bar and chain oiler. This stops the spread of disease and allows more light and air to get through to the healthy limbs of shrubs and hedges. You never want to prune back into the old wood since the conifer will not grow back from there again, the exception being Taxus, also known as yew. A lack of sun is the most common reason, as the bottom is in the shade of the top of the hedge. I still do fair on our 35 yr old trees (with help if needed) if small limbs need removing with a pole saw (which is light and cuts quick.

A 6' heavy-duty fiberglass extension is also included with your purchase to make the overall length a full 27 feet. This job is best done by getting right into the shrubs, having a look and then taking out the limbs that are affected or dead by using your hand held pruners, or secateurs. To keep informal shrubs and hedges in good shape, it is a good rule to remove old stems with secateurs or to cut larger branches using loppers to keep the plant within bounds at least once per year. Yews can be cut into old wood and they will rejuvenate from there by pushing out new branches and leaves.
Some trees like our heirloom apricot tree needs pruning once or twice a year to bear fruit. High and large limbs are hard to judge the actual size and if they will come down as planned. Thisfree blade is similar to thecommercial blade with the exception of the hook on the end. The 6' extension slides on the base of the main pole saw housing and clips quickly and securely in place. There should be some reasonable help if you know what needs trimming if the limbs are not too large.
Our old neighborhood is providing all the fire wood we once had to leave to find or purchase. Professional Quality Telescopic Ratchet Action 2 Pulley Pole Pruner with 30 cm saw Ratchet action for easier cutting of larger branches. Marvin’s 12 foot telescopic fiberglass base pole with Pruner, Saw Head and 330 Tri-edge blade. Powered by a low-emission engine, the STIHL HT 101 Telescoping Pole Pruner shaft adjusts from. Or why not visit our Garden & Outdoors Store, featuring garden tools, pest control, outdoor living and more.
Reach Pole Pruner & Saw RAZORSHARP 92inch Pole Pruner and Saw HEAVY DUTY Telescopic Pole Pruner. STIHL TELESCOPIC POLE PRUNERS ON SALE HERE!: Cheap prices on Stihl Telescopic Pole Pruners!.

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