Technique feature of productYTJ gypsum saw is developed for the second generation products of our company; It is the newly-designed medical equipment products totally different from the first generation. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
1) Grasp the electric plaster saw and the cutting blade should be vertical on the cast's surface and Make stress slowly. 2) When the material was cut through, put up the saw blade slightly and move forward along the incision. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The heavy duty 5.9 amp motor on this metal-cutting circular saw powers through aluminum, mild steel and stainless as if it were wood.

Compared to the first generation of products, this new product considers the life-span of new material (such as the polyester) and medical use instruments.
It will not scrach the skin for the blade rolls from left to right with the amplitude of 5.6. It is revolutionary (been improved from 20Hz to more than 133 Hz in the technical design of operation frequency.
Distance slice of the new instrument has adopted the new material; Each of its technical indicators is higher than the first generation. I ask why do I need to buy a separate metal blade when the metal saw I wanted comes with one?
Long story short, I ended up buying this piece of junk while enduring the I have no idea what I'm talking about attitude.

Thanks but you people made a superior product and decided to pull it because at the same price, it was competition for this cheap piece of junk.
We build guide templates, then run the saw again and again and again.The saw glides through 12-gauge steel like a hot knife through butter.

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