Cutting down overhanging branches of differing thickness is simple with the 750W Electric Pole Saw. Every spring and fall home owners are faced with the chore of trimming over grown branches off the taller trees in their yard.
Battery Operated Electric Black & Decker 18 Volt Powerful motor that does not get in the way of view while trimming limbs and branches.
Long handled trimmer to reach high branches has a branch cutter and saw blade for cutting through large limbs easily. Adjustable length pole with locking action has a branch cutter shears on the end as well as a strong saw to cut through thick limbs. Sometimes a tree simply needs a light pruning, some must be limed up and some branches hang over a house or building and can be a danger to the home.

Kit comes with battery, battery charger, blade guard, carrying bag, oil bottle and tool wrench. A length extending to 2.7m provides up to 4m reach with the removable shaft useful for compact storage. A versatile limb cutter head for easy reach even through dense foliage without having to drag out a ladder. Continuous cutting is possible due to automatic chain and bar lubrication, reducing energy levels for long tasks. Usually tall tree pruning involves getting out a ladder and attempting the task with a pair of short handled loppers for garden tools. Good balance, low weight with a rear mount engine to allow for comfortable working position.

Not only is a tree trunk circular, it’s often not wide enough to fit the entire ladder. Today a gardener can get cutting equipment such as long handled pole trimmers for pruning tall tree limbs. These pruners may be hand powered, compound loppers with extending poles or powers by electric cords or gas. They can feature saw like cutting tools on the ends, or chain saw like equipment.A few are even battery operated.

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