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I found the corded pole saw a great way to trim branches without climbing or getting into precarious positions on ladders or in a tree.
The work of a beginner topping trees, with the results looking like a seasoned pro using a cherry picker did the job. A.Yes, there are replacement chains available, and the chains can be sharpened just like a full size chainsaw.
A slightly longer power lead would be a good idea but this is just a niggle, and make sure you keep the chain tensioned so keep the provided key handy and check at regular intervals.
6 Months on- still very happy working fine and best of all saved a fortune in tree man fees, I was so impressed I purchased the shredder to chip everything down and lay on paths saves all those trips to local dump.

The representative suggested that I purchase a new entire unit, albeit at a discounted price.
The first was for me, this one is for my daughter, who always borrowed mine and we seemed to need them at the same time of the year. If you would like to order a replacement chain, please call our parts department at 1-800-376-9637.
Here you can find much information about Electric Pole Saw Home Depot manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. THE ONLY DOWNER IS THAT THE BAR IS DESCRIBED AS 20 CM, BUT IT IS ACTUALLY ONLY 18 CM ACCORDING TO THE PACKAGING.
I wanted to prune down some trees in my garden without having to clamber around on a ladder at odd angles, the product was easy to put together and top up with oil which I purchased at same time, I really can't praise this item enough, the moment I cut through the first branch I knew pruning would be so much easier now, it was like a hot knife through butter and within 20 mins I had trimmed down a whole tree it didn't take long for a neighbour to be intrigued and pop round for a go, be warned its very addictive! Titan seems to have a great range, well made and ideal for gardeners who are hands on, great value and highly recommend! Paid for itself first job as it cut 40 linear metres of overgrown leylandii in one afternoon. My previous pole chainsaw was more expensive, slightly heavier, maybe superficially slightly better built in terms of finish, but the Titan seems better built where it matters.

Features automatic bar and chain lubrication, chain tension adjustment, and 3-way adjustable head. I did in fact do this and am quite happy with the product, but am very disappointed that THIS was my ONLY option. It is a simple matter to plug it into a small generator situated on the rear basket of my ATV and take it anywhere.
On completion of the job it is a simple matter to stand it up in the corner of my barn until needed again.
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