Zapping microbes with electricity could replace tonnes of chemicals used in cleaning up mining wastewater, thanks to scientists who have developed a new water treatment system. Microbes are already used in conventional wastewater treatments to mop up contaminants by adding or removing electrons. The researchers from the University of Utah say that their electrobiochemical reactor (EBR) system bypasses the addition of excess chemicals by feeding electrons directly to the microbes. He adds, ''The metal contaminants are removed and collected in a form that can be recycled.
The low voltage used by the EBR can also easily be generated using a small solar power grid, helping to minimise the overall environmental impact. Following their successful trial in treating wastewater at an inactive gold mine, Adams and his colleagues are now embarking on a second pilot-scale study at a mine for silver and other metals in Canada's Yukon Territory. Although the research team are focusing on removing metals from mining wastewater, Adams points out that EBR has great potential for other applications. We have mentioned the state of the great river frequently, but the Mekong generally becomes more dammed and less likely to provide for its people and wildlife. When can he climate changers and the global de-warmers finally have their way and be able to replace the whole carbon footprints of nations? What stories are appearing from the genomes of various creatures that can be mixed up with our histories. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered.
The cost of electricity in Kenya has really reduced and it is attributed to the additional 140 MW to the national grid.
Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta, during the commissioning of the lasr phase of the 280MW of geothermal power, said that the move was aimed at stabilizing the cost of electricity in East Africa. According to Kenyatta, the country is also likely to see an increase in export production and expanded employment opportunities for Kenyans.

Following the additional MW to the power grid, the cost of fuel has fallen by 65 percent to 2.51 Kenyan shillings per kilowatt per hour.
It looks like not only key a will be enjoying the benefits of electricity as Rwanda will start importing electricity from Kenya. With this  in progress Kenya, according to the government will be spending  about $2 billion to upgrade its power distribution systems.
The Kenyan government said that it will spend about 2 billion US dollars in the medium term to upgrade its power distribution systems. The East African country is looking at increasing its national power output to 5,000MW by 2016 in order to spur industrial growth.
Electrons in the outer band can become free of their orbit by the application of some external force such as movement through a magnetic field, friction, or chemical action.
I found this to be very help ful to the students of e e, to understand the basics of electricity. Electrical Corner StoreCheck out our new #Electrical Corner Store with selected Electrician's Books, Testing and Safety equipment and other electrician's stuff! Science at GlanceOur mission is to be the leading provider of scientific information in the field of power and engineering in general. But to work effectively, they need to be 'fed' using vast amounts of nutrients and chemicals. This boosts how quickly they can clean up pollutants, such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, nitrates and sulphates.
However, good news cannot be ignored in this case and it is really cheering to hear of 3 calves born during this dry season in the freshwater stretches of the river. Well, there is hope in some of the latest renewable investments and this example of pure science that will soon be transferred to a new set of technologies.
Manufacturers will have access to electric power at rates devoid of transformation costs,” he said.

With this in hand, Kenya is ready to start exporting electricity to its neighbouring countries.
This  move will be made possible following Kengen’s effort in increasing its electricity production as well as distribution systems.
Meanwhile, plans are underway for the power producer to raise Ksh.15 billion through a rights issue to finance expansion of its power generating capacity. The government identified energy as one of the infrastructural enablers of growth and macroeconomic stability, equity among others. A free electron leaves a void which can be filled by an electron forced out of orbit from another atom.
Electrons flow along a copper conductor to provide energy to an electric device such as a radio, lamp, or a motor. Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry. There is hope that the other populations, in Bangladesh and Myanmar, for example, are also being protected as well as this. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea.
My government is committed to reducing the cost of energy and the cost of production in order to accelerate development,” Kenyatta noted.
An insulator around the outside of the copper conductor is provided to keep electrons in the conductor. As Afghanistan is the Heart of Asia , a cross-roads for all Asian countries let, we engineers as human being regardless of any ethnical differences or, no matter where we live must share the technological advances among our scientific forum and mutual advancements.

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