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120 volt, 4.7 hp, 15 amp cut-off machine features the Service-Minder brush system that stops the tool when preventative maintenance is needed.
We may collect a deposit in the form of a credit card (or check card) charge or authorization prior to you taking the rental equipment. Tires and rubber tracks are inspected and are certified to be in good condition just before the customer takes possession of the equipment. We can provide you with rental equipment at times the store is closed, by appointment (such as Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings) or by emergency request.
We promise to do our best to do the right thing, the right way, the first time, every time, on time.
Its applications include household plumbing, auto body work, vehicle restoration and cutting electrical boxes. Most bad reviews are usually from people that abuse or just plain don't understand how to use tools properly.Read complete reviewThe grinder, die grinder, and this saw from Chicago electric have been awesome. Sometimes NO DEPOSIT is charged; other times a large deposit is required, especially for very expensive equipment that can potentially be used in a hard application. You are completely responsible for rented items until they are returned to our store and checked in by our personnel.

However, you are responsible for paying for damage or unusual wear and tear and loss to us caused by misuse, abuse, loss or theft.
We obligate ourselves to have your item ready on time and in excellent working condition for you for the time frame you have reserved.
The customer is responsible for paying for repair or replacement (our call) of tires that incur any damage, excessive wear, or flats. Heavy-duty, permanently lubricated 100% ball bearing variable speed motor delivers 800 - 3,000 spm.
The electric saw delivers 2650 SPM and clean cuts with smooth edges to handle a wide variety of cutting applications! Most bad reviews are usually from people that abuse or just plain don't understand how to use tools properly.This thing cut through a Thick 16 gauge cold rolled sheet metal like butter even though it's only rated for 18 gauge.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover and check cards bearing one of these logos.
Customer is responsible for paying for repair or replacement (our call) for any damage, excessive wear, or cuts or tears to rubber tracks. Check with your card issuer for their policies regarding merchant charges, preauthorizations, and refunds. Your deposit is refunded immediately upon your return of the rented equipment, less any additional charges you may incur such as a late return fee, refueling charge, damage billing, or excess use charges.

If you have a vehicle that can safely transport your machine, it may be more economical to rent a trailer from us (or bring your own) and haul it yourself. I bought extra blades due to the false reviews about the saw being supplied with junk blades.
Want your blades to last then keep them cool and don't force the tool to cut faster than it is capable of.
Be sure you are using the proper blade for the type of material you are cutting.Someone said they coulden't see what they were cutting. I use the center or tip of the blade most often as it works better this way and is more manuverable.The saw is way nicer than this picture. I knew it would require fairly extensive modifications, out of the box, along with de-bur, lube, etc.

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