VPT engaged in producing armatures for SPM (Special Purpose Motors) and any kind of special purpose armatures of different VOLTS i.
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Lo sentimos, tu bA?squeda ' taladro eléctrico de pie ' no coincide con ningA?n producto.
I presume you mean to elaborate on the road test to check mixture not the original hot start string.

Checking for high voltage leakage external to ignition components is very effective at night as Chris suggests. You can disconnect, one at a time, plug wires and plug them into a spare plug which you then lay on the valve cover. Also, if engine starts on three and smooths out after warming, start it, and shut off after 30 secs.
A slow wiper can be caused by among other things, a low voltage to the motor caused by a corroded fuseblock (specifically a voltage drop across F1 and associated connections, which supply the wipers).

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