De DS 50 Gyro is ons grootste telescopische statiefsysteem, dat compatibel is met de meeste kernboren. De boorkolom is eenvoudig te draaien en te kantelen en dat maakt hem ideaal om talloze gaten te boren in nagenoeg elke hoek.
De boorinstallatie wordt geinstalleerd tussen vloer en plafond, waarbij het niet nodig is om hem te verankeren. Under no circumstances may the machine be started without having read the operators manual and paid special intensions to the safety instructions found in the operators manual. Place the drill stand one column’s length from the wall.Clamp the telescopic column to the ceiling.
Change height of the column by releasing the catch on the wall rail at the same time as the height is adjusted with the adjustment handle. It is very important that the drill rig is kept clean and tidy in order to maintain its function. After washing it is important that the rig’s moving parts are lubricated using standard grease to counteract corrosion on the contact surfaces.

The Husqvarna Gyro is a modular, flexible system with several combination options, where the drill column can be rotated 360?, for drilling in almost every angle.
The Husqvarna Core Down System, CD 40, is a practical, safe and easy to use drill core collector for the safe collection and removal of concrete drill cores. Het systeem is eenvoudig in gebruik en eenvoudig op te stellen en demonteren, wat tijd en geld bespaart. Should the user fail to comply with these, Husqvarna Construction Products Sweden AB or its representatives are free from all liability both directly and indirectly. Fold up the drill column and secure with the L-handle and locking bolt (30 mm).Screw in the front screw against the wall to secure the drill column.
When drilling is needed above that limit the telescopic column needs to be turned.When the Gyro is turned, the drilling height range is approximately from 0,3 meters to 3,1 meters (excl. Turn the telescopic column around and fit it all together again.Start the drilling operation! The drill bit has to be filled with water and the drill motor has to be protected against the flood of water expected when operating.

Together with the DS 50 Gyro this system allows to collect 99 percent of the water when drilling in the ceiling. The vacuum will hold the collector and will also take care of almost all water coming from the drill bit. Read through these operating instructions and make sure that you understand the contents before starting to use the machine. Met een keer opstellen kunt u talloze gaten boren in verschillende posities, van onder naar boven boren, boren onder een hoek en horizontaal boren. Should you, after reading these safety instructions, still feel uncertain about the safety risks involved you must not use the machine. The bellows is easily fitted on the spindle axis and the drill bit inside the water collector.

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