Arthur James Arnot was born on the 26th August 1865 in Hamilton, Scotland and died on the 15th October 1946 in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
The electric drill was invented because people needed something other than hands to drill into hard surfaces such as rock and coal. The exterior of a drill has five elements: the safety latch, reversing switch (alters direction of drill), a torque adjustment, a chuck (keeps bit form moving) and the handle. When you pull the trigger of the drill, an electric circuit is complete and electricity powers the motor inside to turn the bit.

He is predominantly known for patenting the world’s first electrical drill on 20th August 1889. While working for the Union Company in Melbourne, he designed this primarily to drill rock and to dig coal. Rotating it will push the drill bit into the surface and there is enough friction to cut the material below around the bit, forming a hole in the surface of the material.
Between 1894 and 1901, he designed and managed the Spencer Street Power Station in Victoria, Melbourne.

For example, the hammer and pneumatic drills are used for drilling into hard materials such as concrete or rock, whereas there are specially designed electric drills which can be used as screwdrivers.

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