They line up on the goal line and have to carry the dummy to the five yard line and then run back.
The next one in line goes with the football and puts it on the ten yard line then runs back tags the next player. Objective: Practice lining up in the huddle, getting line splits, and firing out on snap counts. Objective: Develop leg strength, attitude about blocking, and overall blocking fundamentals.
Explode forward through target, shooting hands inside with thumbs up-aiming point is the numbers of the defender.

Check out Youth Football Online All Star Selection Isreal Araiza doing offensive linemen drills! About Us Youth Football Online is the premier website for the instruction and promotion of youth football. All children, especially those considered “high risk”, will learn life lessons from participating in youth football.
I believe if it’s fun the boys will work harder and I want football to be a positive experience. The more fun they have (even while learning important fundamentals) the more engaged they are.

Once the offensive  linemen get out of the huddle they must get their splits (starting from the center-out) and get right into their 3 point stance.
The offensive line coach will yell out the cadence and the offensive line will fire out on the snap count.

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