Due to the nature of the sport, soccer players tend to have a high risk of knee injuries, but by including certain exercises you can help prevent these injuries, or speed up recovery post-injury. The sport of soccer requires its athletes to possess speed, endurance, agility, technical ability (skill), as well as strength. In order to facilitate a solid soccer training routine it helps to have access to certain training accessories. The agility ladder is a simple piece of equipment used for training footwork, speed, and agility drills. Tito Villanova the manager sprung a huge surprise at the start of the game by picking left back Adriano as 1 of his center backs instead of Alex Song or youngster Bartra in place of regular center backs Carlos Puyol the captain who broke his arm and Gerard Pique who failed a late fitness test. Jose Mourinho had the relatively easier task of picking 1 out of 3 very gifted playmakers in Luka Modric, Kaka or Mesut Ozil. The match itself pitted the 2 most talked about players in the world in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as to who is the best in the world and neither disappointed as far as goal scoring was concerned. Despite soccer being the most popular sport in the world, there has been little scientific research related to the nutritional needs of soccer players.
Because all movement originates from the core, it’s important for soccer athletes to develop a strong midsection to improve performance with other compound exercises and athletic movements. The names of these muscles aren’t really important, but it’s good to have an idea of what muscles we’ll be working on, and where they are on your body.
When you first start training your core, strength should be developed progressively by learning how to engage the core musculature with static contractions. After building sufficient core strength using some of the exercises demonstrated above, and once you can perform them easily without any lower back discomfort, then core strength and stability can be effectively maintained simply by incorporating compound exercises into your program, such as the squat, deadlift, single arm standing press, and through the use of body-weight only training (as shown in the video below).

The great thing about building powerful core muscles is that this will also improve your progress in every other area of your training, because your core supports movement in every other part of your body.
MaximumsDevelops consistent proper form Drill description: Run a fifty yard distance at 50% of your max. TWO-THREE HURDLE FROM SPRINT STARTDrill description: Set 2 hurdles at 6 meters apart and partner off. Trail LegMoving the trail leg over the hurdle Drill description: Get a partner for this drill. Standing Shot PutsDRILL DESCRIPTION: Stand straight up and cradle the shot put under the chin. Medicine Ball Shot PutThrow a medicine ball against the wall using a push action and catch the rebound. Standing Jump from a HopDRILL DESCRIPTION: From a standing start, begin to take long "bounding" strides. Mound JumpsDRILL DESCRIPTION: Build up a mound of sand in the jumping pit straight down the center of the pit. Rehabilitation involves stretching, strengthening, regaining neuromuscular control, and functional rehab work.It is important to work through these steps in the order they are listed here. Next it is important to help the athlete regain neuromuscular control of the andle to help prevent further injury.
The last step before return to participation is to start doing functional exercises pertaining to the athlete's sport. Yes, a stronger soccer athlete will have greater potential to excel in other areas of athletic ability.

The following training tools are not absolute necessities (as I’ve said before the only absolutely necessary equipment needed to play and train for soccer is a ball and your own body), but they can certainly help you improve your skills and fitness. And with the player that eclipsed both to win European player of the year, Andres Iniesta making his comeback from injury, we had arguably the best 3 players on the planet on show. First of all it’s important to recognize that your “core” is more than just your abs. The main function of your core muscles is to control movement of your entire torso, as well as providing stability and resisting movement. It is still practical to include some direct core isolation work to specifically target the midsection.
Also, as part of complete training and nutrition plan, these exercises will help you achieve a stronger, leaner, solid-looking waistline. In order to get faster, be it in the short sprints or in the longer distances, you obviously have to practice running. Try incorporating some of these exercises into your own workouts and let me know what you think! To actually reach your potential, however, you need a clear idea of the specific workouts and exercises that allow you to perform your best at just the right time. Even after several months nothing seemed to work… until I ran into some professionals who guided me toward a different approach.

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