Our netball clubs adhere to the High5 netball rules which are reccomended by England netball for children of primary school age. Here at motive8 we are extremely proud of our netball sessions with our coaches having 25 years’ experience combined, the coaches are always looking to push our netballers further and develop the skills to achieve better.
The content of our sessions are; we do a warm up with muscle stretching drills alongside our skill based drills to improve our netball skills also we will perform some SSG’s to develop our netball skills further. The content of our sessions are; we do a warm up with muscle stretching drills alongside our skills based drills which develop and improve your netball skills, we also get into some technical drills, we get involved in a lot of SSG’s to increase ability in netball.

For year groups 3 to 6 we follow the England netball High 5 rules, which allows children the opportunity to play all positions on court. During the summer term we aim to introduce 7 a side netball rules for year 6 in preparation for secondary school. Stay up to date with what's happening here at motive8, follow us on Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn and YouTube.
Netball helps children to develop key skills such as hand-eye coordination, agility and team work, all within a fun social enviorment.

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